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The name or term Blackout refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Blackout (disambiguation).

Blackout is a monstrous brute of titanic proportions. Larger than any other Decepticon, few have survived an encounter with this hulking behemoth and lived to tell the tale. But those who have survived have added his story to Decepticon lore, which tells of him as having single-handedly obliterated vast numbers of Omega Sentinels, before finally falling himself at the Great War's end.


Transformers Animated Blackout spaceship.jpg


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Bumper Robinson (English), Kenta Miyake (Japanese)

Kinda look familiar.

Blackout is a member of Team Chaar who assaulted an Autobot base that held a Space bridge and was being defended by Rodimus Prime. Arriving at the asteroid with Strika, Spittor, Oil Slick, and Cyclonus; he was not for transforming into his mechanoid form and crashing into the ground which caused a shockwave that knocked the space bridge offline. An angry Strika informed him that they needed it undamaged to which a sorry Blackout said it was his bad and stamped his foot down again thus creating a second shockwave that brought the space bridge back online. TransWarped


  • Blackout (Voyager, 2009)

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Part of the final Transformers Animated voyagers, Blackout transforms into a helicopter. He has a disc weapon formed from his tail rotor.
The product is only available in Japan.


  • Blackout transformation resembles Lugnut's. For example,his cockpit splits in half to form his chest and his feet being composed of two toes. Other similarities to Lugnut are that although he's huge, his toy is small (the same applies to Bulkhead) and that Blackout works with Lugnut's "consort".
  • Though he is said to be "larger than any other Decepticon", Strika is the same size as him.
  • Blackout was going to have his very own episode called "Downtown Blackout" but this never aired and was eventually replaced with This Is Why I Hate Machines