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Blackout is a Decepticon Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.

Hey you kids! Get off of my lawn!

As the high-ranking co-commander of the powerful Decepticon Anti-Aircraft Base, Blackout's duties include inspiring his troops with the usual rousing speeches about determination and devotion to duty. However, when the chips are down, Blackout's immediate reaction is to forget all that crap and run for his life. Basically a coward, Blackout probably couldn't hold it together at all if not for fear of disappointing his legitimately valiant partner, Spaceshot.

Due to an error in one of their only canon appearances, it is entirely possible that Spaceshot is the coward, and Blackout is his heroic partner. See Trivia, below.


None known.


Generation One


Blackout is the left one. While pumping up his arms he clearly neglected his thigh muscles.

  • Decepticon Anti-Aircraft Base (Micromaster Combiner, 1990)
Blackout transforms into the front half of a blue and gray B-1 bomber jet. He was sold exclusively in a set which includes Spaceshot (who transforms into the rear end of said jet), and the Anti-Aircraft Base. As a Micromaster Combiner, Blackout can combine with any other Micromaster Combiner to form new and excitingly unworkable vehicle modes.
Blackout is unique among Micromasters -- being the only Micromaster able to turn his head. Some other Micromasters can look downwards because of how their heads flip out, but only Blackout can look left and right or behind him. This makes him great for drunk driving poses in the little jeep that comes with his Anti-Aircraft Base.


  • Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye profile books accidentally reversed the character models for Blackout and Spaceshot, portraying Spaceshot as the front half of their combined vehicle mode and Blackout as the rear half. This error carried over into the bio text as well, so it is entirely possible that the personality assigned to Blackout was intended for Spaceshot, and vice versa.

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