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"I don't regret joining the Decepticons. I just regret it lasted so long. War was always coming, no matter what Prime told himself."

Blackout was a battle-hardened gladiator who joined Megatron's Decepticons in the war against the Autobots .


Transformers: Exodus

Blackout was from the Badlands and fought in the pits of Kaon. His body was riddled with scars. He accompanied Megatron to steal the Plasma Energy Chamber from Teletraan-1 and witnessed his battle with Sentinel Zeta Prime. When Sentinel Prime fell, exposing the Code Key of Justice within his chest, Starscream attempted to take the Key for himself but Blackout tried to stop him, taking a blow that would've killed any other Transformer but one that only managed to fell him.

After Megatron subdued Starscream, Megatron asked for Blackout's name and told him he had a great future. He asked him to take Sentinel's body back to Kaon. He was presumably successful for Optimus Prime later found Sentinel chained to a pillar in the Underworld, having suffered burns from Omega Supreme's takeoff and subjected to even more torture.

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He remained on Cybertron after the Exodus and was taken in by the Dinobots' group of survivors. Despite this act of kindness, he remained rude to all the Autobots and was later crushed by debirs caused by the quakes that were the result of the Omega Lock and videotape to megatron's plans to killing the Autobots in the lake of doom.

Beast Hunters Comics

After Megatron departed Cybertron, Blackout remained behind and fell in with the Forged. His settlement was destroyed when Cybertron was shaken by a planetwide catastrophe. No one but Blackout survived, and he was left badly damaged and trapped under rubble. He was stumbled upon by Slug, who at first taunted him and left him to die, but then had a change of heart, helping him to safety under the guise of "taking him in" The pair ran into Sludge, who amputated and cauterized Blackout's leg. The Decepticon was slung over Slug's Dino-mode back as they continued on their journey, and found himself discussing the war with the two Dinobots. He made the error of shifting his weight, accidentally overbalancing Slug and sending himself falling into a pit. He clung to the side long enough for Slug and Sludge to rescue him, but with Blackout unable to go on, he and Slug sent Sludge ahead to Last Spark for help. In the meantime, Blackout wondered if the war going on so long was a punishment from Primus. The wait proved too long for Blackout, who expired from his own injuries.


  • Blackout's loyalty to Megatron and defiance of Starscream echoes Blackout from the 2007 Transformers movie.