Blackbeak is a Predacon created by Shockwave.


For all that Grimwing is measured and honorable, Blackbeak is violent and unpredictable. He is a strange, raucous little creature, somehow generated during the cloning experiment that produced his larger partner. The connection between the two is not understood, even by Shockwave. It can be hypothesized that Grimwing is so different from his fellows because of Blackbeak, that all his rage and aggression was somehow externalized as a flapping, screeching homunculus who sometimes gives questionable advice. Blackbeak neither knows nor cares; his only concern is how often he can provoke a fight, and he's got the launching claws and flight ability to readily participate in one.


Tales of the Beast Hunters

As Grimwing and Blackbeak made their escape from Shockwave's abandoned cloning facility, they sighted a mysterious robot far below them. Despite Blackbeak's entreaties, Grimwing chose to approach the figure in search of information... 

...only to be greeted by Ultra Magnus taking the offensive himself, swatting the Predacons out of the sky with the Forge of Solus Prime. The results were, for Magnus, unsatisfactory on many levels, as Grimwing and Blackbeak made short work of the Autobot, decrying all modern Cybertronians as savages and setting out to defeat the remaining Predacons on their own.

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