The Blackballs are a mysterious energy source from the Transformer PD Type portion of the Generation One continuity family.

It's like Ryu vs. Akuma if they were robots.

The Blackballs are a mysterious and apparently super powerful energy source that, if possessed by evil-doers, could obliterate all life as we know it. So naturally, the Decepticons want to get their hands on them. There are a total of five Blackballs.


Transformer PD Type manga

Having discovered the power of the Blackballs, several Decepticon leaders and headliners from multiple eras joined forces to hunt them down and use their might to conquer the Universe. Multiple Autobot leaders and headliners from across the timestream also teamed up to try and keep them out of enemy hands.

Since the Blackballs look almost identical to cartoon explosives, the Autobots repeatedly used the tactic of disguising explosive decoys to dishearten/maim their opposition. Starscream seemed to be at the epicenter of each exploding Blackball ruse.

Galvatron eventually managed to collect all five Blackballs and used them to fashion a necklace similar to the bead necklaces worn by Buddhist monks (oh sweet irony). Galvatron swiftly lost his collection of Blackballs after being knocked out by Ultra Magnus' severed head.

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