Black Shadow is a vile gangster. He does most things people would expect from a nasty scoundrel; he robs, extorts and kills for hire. His partner in crime is Blue Bacchus, a gunman with a similar personality and moral fiber.

English-Malay dub name: Thunderwing



Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Yūji Mikimoto (Japanese)
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Black Shadow is an outer space gangster who was seen causing trouble along with Blue Bacchus on the planet Micro, but both were defeated and run off by Greatshot. Planet Micro - The Mysterious Warrior

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Gone Too Far

IDW continuity

Last Stand of the Wreckers

Black Shadow was present, along with Sixshot when Overlord challenged Megatron. He only spoke once, saying "For the Decepticons!"

More Than Meets The Eye

After selling his services to the Autobots, Black Shadow was hunted down by the Decepticon Justice Division and brutally tortured for his crime until dead.

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He may not be a mafioso, but he'll still cut off your horse's head.

  • Black Shadow (Crossformer, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-309
    • Accessories: Crossformer shell, 2 large rifles, small rifle
Black Shadow is a redeco of the Pretender Thunderwing, transforming into a Cybertronic jet. His outer Crossformer shell's chestplate/head piece is retooled from Thunderwing's to make it more robotic. However, it still transforms into a larger Cybertronic jet like the original version. The inner vehicle can be attached underneath the nose of the larger vehicle to create a combined starship mode. All three of his guns can be mounted on his shell's vehicle mode.


  • In Japanese, Black Shadow's function reads "Uchuu Gyangu" (宇宙ギャング), which translates to "Space Gangster". The common misconception that he is a member of the "Space Mafia" is due to a mistranslation some years ago in which "gangster" was interpreted as "Mafia". Big difference.
  • The Crossformers' ID numbers are actually a huge jump backwards in the numbering system. The other Victory Decepticons' numbers start at D-322. However, Shadow and Bacchus' numbers put them right in the middle of the Masterforce Decepticons' numbers, between 1988's Browning and BlackZarak, even though the Crossformers were released in 1989. What the hell?

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