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Black Lio Convoy is an evil clone from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Black repaints have feelings, too.

Black Lio Convoy is a black and evil clone of Lio Convoy. Hey, he was the first.


Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actor: ? (Japanese)

Discovering that a mysterious device[confirm name] uncovered by the Autorollers could be used to create twisted copies of objects or Transformers, the Predacons planted the device to be discovered by Tasmania Kid. Showing off the device's bizarre abilities, Kid thoughtlessly used it on Lio Convoy as a prank, creating an evil, aggressive warrior that attacked the Maximals.

Black Lio Convoy escaped from the Maximals, unaware he was being pursued by one of Navi-chan's spy drones. The Predacons Starscream and BB noticed him on the ground and investigated. Starscream cuddled the big, furry, evil kitty, to his evident enjoyment—until Black Lio Convoy saw the spy drone. Believing the Destrons were setting him up[motivations unclear], Black Lio Convoy drove them off with a furious application of firepower.

Striking off on his own, Black Lio Convoy laid a trap for the Maximals. He waited below a waterfall for them to arrive—then stepped aside to reveal the copy machine, which scanned the Maximals and created evil copies of Bighorn, Tasmania Kid, Apache and Scuba.

The evil copies overpowered their Maximal counterparts. Fortunately, though Black Lio Convoy possessed Lio Convoy's prodigious strength, he did not possess his knowledge, nor did he notice that one Maximal, Diver, was strangely absent. The waterfall Black Lio Convoy had chosen for his ambush was, in fact, the Niagara Base, Diver's concealed outpost. Triggering snares to hold the copies in place, Diver bombarded the other black Maximals, causing them to disintegrate. Tasmania Kid threw the copy machine into the air, allowing Lio Convoy to destroy it—causing Black Lio Convoy to fade away as he howled in pain and rage. The Black Lio Convoy

Note: The above summary was written by someone who does not speak Japanese, and some fine points may have been lost in translation. (Fair warning.)


Beast Wars II

  • Black Lio Convoy (Ultra, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: C-16
    • Accessories: Six missiles, two launchers
A redeco of Lio Convoy, Black Lio Convoy sports the now-familiar black, silver and teal color scheme which was later used for Robots in Disguise Scourge, Armada Nemesis Prime and many, many other 'evil' Optimus Prime repaints. There is also a variant of this toy that comes with gold claws, which is harder to find than the normal version.
Black Lio Convoy was a Toys "R" Us exclusive and came in a Lio Convoy box with a sticker indicating that it was "Black Lio Convoy". A Lucky Draw version was also released, which featured a number painted in white on his, uh, butt.

Robot Masters

I could duplicate that. I just don't feel like it.

  • Lio Convoy (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Accessories: 2 large cannons, 2 small cannons, handgun
A Dengeki Hobby magazine mail-in exclusive, Lio Convoy was once again redecoed, this time as yet another black repaint, replacing much of his color scheme with (you guessed it), black, silver, grey and teal. He was packed in special black and white, windowless box emblazoned with a giant Decepticon sigil. A Decepticon logo can also be found under one of his mane flaps, though he still has the Maximal symbol on his chest plate.
The toy didn't come with a story pamphlet like its fellow Robot Masters black redecos did. However, according to a story published in the November 2005 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, the Decepticon emblems on the toy are there because this Lio Convoy is a separate being from the original, created by a duplicating machine built by the Decepticons. Basically, the story took Black Lio Convoy from the Beast Wars II cartoon and made him a Robot Masters character.

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