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Black Horizon 2a

Bad to the bone.

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers: Black Horizon > Issue # 2
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Unicron arrives at Earth and only G.I. Joe can stop him from devouring civilization in the service of Cobra-La. Cosmos and Prime help too.


Following Eject's last request, Firewall and Cosmos search for the others in Tibet. Wondering where their allies are, Firewall is unexpectedly sucked through a hole in the snow into an underground cave, where she meets an angry-looking Yeti.

Elsewhere in Cobra-La's base, Golobulus punishes Pythona for letting Joseph Colton escape his prison and roam free in the underground caverns.

From their base, Duke gets permission from General Flagg to mobilize the G.I. Joe team to Tibet to aid the situation with Cobra-La and the Autobots. Meanwhile, N.O.R.A.D. is monitoring the large celestial anomaly rapidly approaching Earth, and they receive a message from it: "I return..."

Joseph Colton's group races through the caverns, as Joe explains how Bludgeon arrived to team up with the Cobra-La civilization. Running into Bludgeon and the Cobra-La soldiers again, Prime rips open Bludgeon's Pretender shell. In anger, Bludgeon stumbles into the chasm Prime's group intended to use in evading the Cobra-La forces. Rather than be rescued, Bludgeon falls into the darkness below. Meanwhile, Joe has been kicking ass. As his group continue their retreat, Joe explains how he's been busy the past 30 years in not-quite-captivity.

Some blood awakens Nemesis Enforcer while Unicron draws closer to Earth.

Firewall awakens with her arms suspended high and wearing a strange, revealing outfit. Greeted by the Yeti who captured her and Dr. Mindbender, she's openly hostile towards both.

Joe leads Flint through several tight tunnels to a massive chamber, where a metal-eating spore is cultivated as part of a back-up plan in case Unicron betrays Cobra-La. A horde of yeti attack, and Joe fights them all off with his Kung-Fu Grip. However Hawk's Kung-Fu is not so impressive, so he's pretty relieved when Cosmos comes to the rescue. Joe interrogates a Yeti, which only Joe can do.

Above, the G.I. Joe team desperately search for their missing member (Flint) and whatever is luring the mysterious celestial body to Earth. Yet none of them are prepared for an attack from the massive Monstructor.

Inside, where it's suddenly snowing, Joe, Flint, and Prime load up Cosmos with the spores—intending to use Cobra-La's back-up plan to defeat Unicron before there's opportunity to use their primary kill-all-humans plan.

In space, Flint sees Unicron approach Earth. Unicron transforms before devouring the planet, and courageous Flint and Cosmos venture directly into Unicron's mouth to deliver their cargo.

Golobulus preaches to a congregation of Cobra-La warriors, speaking of their imminent victory over the dominating human populace. Before Firewall can be sacrificed, Optimus Prime drives into the rally, running down Cobra-La soldiers. Joe Colton battles against Nemesis Enforcer.

Beastformers GIJoe


Flying deeper into Unicron, Cosmos and Flint pass some strange alien creatures.

As Nemesis Enforcer brutalizes Joseph, Joe and Pythona have a discussion. Optimus Prime fights against the Cobra-La monsters and soldiers set against him. Hawk is left to combat Golobulus.

Windmill blackhorizon

I bet the death-aura makes it tricky for Monstructor to get dates.

Above, Monstructor fights G.I. Joe, his death-aura taking out one airborne soldier. Duke sees how his side is losing the battle and calls for Plan B. Seconds later, Monstructor's head has been exploded, courtesy of the Laser Squad.

With Joe Colton looking close to defeat, his grizzled manliness finally reaches Pythona's heart. She stabs Nemesis Enforcer in the back and saves the hero.

While Japan crumbles as Unicron begins his consumption of civilization, Cosmos and Flint finally reach Unicron's brain. Cosmos is downed by a magnetic pulse, so Flint steps out (with the spores slung over his back) and makes like Duke.

Hawk (forgetting he was fighting somebody) tries to free Firewall. An angry Golobulus whips out, ready to kill both of them, but Optimus Prime pounds Golobulus into the ground. The rest of G.I. Joe arrives inside of the caves to see Joe punch out Dr. Mindbender, and after a moment with Duke, the old soldier fights alongside the team named after him.

Inside of Unicron, Flint faces a minion Unicron is using as a conduit for communicating with him. Flint just smiles, comments, and releases the spores that rapidly devour Unicron from the inside out. With no time to spare, Flint escapes from Unicron in Cosmos.

Later, all the G.I. Joes reunite outside. Lady Jaye kisses Flint. Joe explains to Duke that he's succeeded in his life's mission and needs to be re-purposed. Optimus and Cosmos shake hands.

Later still, back at the Pit, Optimus relaxes by watching some bad TV with Firewall and Eject. Oh, and those Autobots from the last issue? They're not dead! Flint briefs a group of men for a mission to explore the insides of the now-dead Unicron, a group which will be led by Joseph Colton. And Hawk and his girlfriend watch the sunset.


Writer: Tim Seely
Artist: Andrew Wildman
Colors: Wes Dzioba & Art Lyon
Color Assists: Timothy Straub
Letters: Brian J. Crowley
Nemesis Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

  • Original release date: February 21, 2007

Major characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Joes Cobras Others


"Gee, ya' think that "young punk" crack was for me?"
"Yes. I don't think he likes you."

—Flint and Optimus Prime

"Of course you speak "Bigfoot". Any other tricks, Joe?"
"Oh, just one more...KUNG FU GRIP!"

Flint and Joseph Colton

"*Sigh* I guess if I'm going to die, being digested by fungus is at least original, yes?"
"Cosmos... you're weird."

Cosmos and Flint

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to make like Flash Gordon."


"If we release the metal eating spore now, he won't even notice he's being digested until after he's eaten your planet. ...That would be unfortunate."

Cosmos, master of understatement

"All that lives burns for Monstructor!"

Monstructor, teaching the Joes a simple fact of life

"I'm here to save the world. Which of you scumbags wants to try n' stop me?"

Flint, a real American hero

"Hawk! You saved me! I know it's kinda gross, cuz you're totally old, but, well...I heart you right now."


"Pathetic. While I feast on your world, I believe I will allow this vessel to devour you alive."
"Hunh... yeah...I hope you don't mind...a side of mushrooms."

Unicron as Flint unloads the metal-eating fungus

"Looks like we did some real damage. It'll be a while before Unicron terrorizes anyone with a brain full of this many holes. Ooh! There goes those motor skills. And those memories from summer camp! Oh! And I doubt he'll be playing piano anytime soon."
"You're *zrrk* weird."

Flint and Cosmos

"Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth."


Items of note[]

  • The Chinese military was able to defeat Bludgeon and his Transformer friends? Huh.
  • On one page (after Monstructor shows up), the narration box says "Inside", but everything is white and snowing like it's "Outside". This is a coloring error. However it's extremely important that anybody reading this understands that even if it were snowing, Joseph Colton, despite wearing rags, wouldn't mind.
  • Those are the Battle Beasts inside of Unicron.
  • Dear Laser Squad: Next time, use your lasers to kill the giant, evil, life-sucking robot BEFORE several of your friends get killed.
  • Eject eats popcorn.

Covers (2)[]

Black Horizon 2b

Optimus and Hawktimus Prime... who needs Rodimus!

  • Cover A: Bludgeon, Pretender Monsters and Golobulus by Tim Seely, Jeremy Freeman and Stephane Peru.
  • Cover B: Optimus Prime, Eject, Hawk, Flint and Firewall by Andrew Wildman and Stephane Peru.


  • The Nye Incidents (interior back cover)
  • G.I. Joe ICONS limited production busts (back cover)

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