The name or term Black Convoy refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Black Convoy (disambiguation).

This article is about the heroic clone of Big Convoy. For the evil clone of an Optimus Prime, see Nemesis Prime (Universe 2003).

Black Big Convoy is a Maximal from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Black Big Convoy is a clone of Big Convoy created by Vector Sigma to assist the Maximals in combating the Blendtron invasion.


Beast Wars Neo

  • Black Big Convoy (Ultra, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: C-35
    • Accessories: Cannon, two missiles, two hook missiles, Energon Matrix
A redeco of Big Convoy, Black Big Convoy transforms into a mammoth and is somewhat infamous for being an extremely difficult-to-transform shellformer, as practically all of his beast mode components are shells that fit around the compressed robot to form this mode. As such, he has no leg articulation in this mode, though he has a rubber trunk which can be controlled by pushing a lever on the top of his head. In addition, the movement of his tusks can be controlled by pulling either of his ears. Black Big Convoy technically has a beast "attack mode", in which his Big Cannon is folded out.
In robot mode, Black Big Convoy stands slightly shorter than the original Beast Wars Ultra class Optimus Primal and Lio Convoy toys, but makes up for it by being absolutely chock-full of weapons and gimmicks. First and foremost, the spring-loaded Big Cannon, formed out the beast head, can fire two missiles from two barrels in succession with a rotating dial. It is held in his hands and can be stored on his back, though doing this may cause some stability problems owing to its weight. Secondly, he has flip-out tonfa melee weapons in his forearms. Thirdly, the two beast panels on the sides of his legs feature two spring-loaded missile launchers that fire anchor-shaped projectiles (similar to the original Beast Wars Ultra class Megatron toy). Last, but certainly not least, his chest panel flips down, revealing a removable Matrix toy accessory, vacuum-metalized gold with a transparent red center. This accessory can be held by any figure with standard 5mm fist holes.
Black Big Convoy was sold in the regular Big Convoy package, with a sticker indicating that it was "Black Big Convoy".
This mold was also used to make Universe Nemesis Prime.
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