BlackZarak - Destroyer from Space is the thirty-fourth episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on December 20, 1988 on Nippon TV.



At last, BlackZarak arrives on Earth, and chaos follows in his wake, as Decepticon attacks spread thin the Autobot forces on Earth, and Ginrai and Grand Maximus fall victim to a deadly trap in space.


Having hidden in deep space since his defeat at the hands of God Ginrai, BlackZarak has mastered localized gravity manipulation, enabling him to generate black holes that will allow him to teleport directly to Earth. Devil Z informs Mega and Giga of this development, and instructs them to begin "Operation M-1" as BlackZarak appears in the skies above New York!

Meanwhile, with their headquarters having been destroyed, the Autobots have relocated to the Swiss Alps and radioed Grand Maximus out in space, with the intention of employing his battleship as a new base. Enough time passes that the Autobots begin to grow uneasy, and when Ginrai can't make contact with Grand, he chooses to head out into space himself to investigate.

Almost at the precise moment that Ginrai departs, however, the Decepticons' Operation M-1 begins! Overlord descends out of the sky into the heart of Paris and cuts a swathe of destruction through the city, decimating military resistance and destroying the Arc de Triomphe, while BlackZarak rains chaos down on New York, teleporting a squadron of attacking jet fighters away through a black hole. The patrolling Metalhawk happens upon the ruined New York and is about to contact the other Autobots, when Diver radios him first, informing him of Overlord's attack on Paris, and the fact that Overlord is now moving east across Europe, while BlackZarak is moving west across the Pacific. Metalhawk alerts Lightfoot and the other Autobots to the situation, and they attempt to contact Ginrai, with no luck. Not wanting to imagine the worst, they put the thought from their minds and roll out for the disaster areas.

Out in space, the reason for the Autobots' failure to contact Ginrai becomes clear when the commander himself arrives at Grand Maximus's last confirmed location, and discovers a black hole which immediately captures him in its gravity. Pulled into the dark recesses of the black hole, he spots Grand Maximus in the darkness, also a victim of the black hole's pull. Grand Maximus explains that the black hole is the work of BlackZarak, and that he is expending all of his energy just to hold steady against its gravity.

While passing over China, Overlord sets down atop the Great Wall and delivers a message to the leaders of the world, telling them that they have three hours to surrender, or Overlord and BlackZarak will converge over Tokyo and reduce the city to a sea of fire. Within an hour, as he is flying across the sea towards Japan, he is confronted by Metalhawk, Phoenix and Diver, but dispatches them with ease and carries on his way.

Back in the grip of the black hole, Ginrai and Grand Maximus formulate an escape plan. Ginrai intends to blast the centre of the black hole with an even more powerful force – Chokon Power! Drawing power from the electromagnetic waves of the black hole, they combine their energies and Ginrai funnels them through the God Cannon, blasting the heart of the black hole with one almighty beam. The black hole erupts in a massive explosion...

Meanwhile, off the coast of Japan, the Autobot Godmasters and Headmaster Juniors stand poised to repel the approach of BlackZarak. The massive Decepticons soon appears overhead and blasts the assembled Autobots with lasers and lightning, at which point Overlord explodes onto the scene, and directs BlackZarak to forget them and join him in attacking Tokyo. The Seacons, Buster, Hydra and the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors all emerge to occupy the Autobots while Tokyo is demolished by BlackZarak and Overlord, but as the two Decepticons march through the city, the sight of something moving against the sun catches Overlord's eye. As he watches, denying the possibility of what he sees with every breath, Grand Maximus and Ginrai swoop down from the skies, ready to bring the destruction to an end! Ginrai and BlackZarak square off as Grand Maximus and BlackZarak match firepower, but eventually, Ginrai manoeuvres himself between the two Decepticons and dodges at the last second, causing them to blast each other. Ginrai and Maximus merge their energies one more time and deliver the final blast to the two damaged villains, crippling them and causing Devil Z to order the abortion of Operation M-1, and the commencement of Operation M-2. The Decepticons pull out, and in the aftermath of the battle the Autobots all welcome Ginrai back to the fold. Ginrai remains uneasy, however, and can sense that worse things are on the horizon... but for now, there's rescue work to be done!


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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • As BlackZarak attacks the Autobots, Ranger's red parts are colored yellow.
  • A scene of Overlord launching a volley of missiles at Ginrai is re-used from the show's opening sequence.

Transformers references

  • BlackZarak and Grand Maximus have both been fighting out in space since their last appearance in "God Ginrai – Showdown on the Surface of the Moon".
  • The Autobot base was destroyed in the previous episode.
  • This episode sees Ginrai's trailer transform to base mode for the first time in the series itself, but it did previously appear in a rather odd scene in the show's first opening sequence.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode features the debut of the insert song, "Super Ginrai's Theme". It's coming in a bit late, mind you, since things are all about God Ginrai at this point in the series, but it's still a song that makes you sit up and go "I say! What is this I'm hearing now?"
  • This is the second time that the Arc de Triomphe has been destroyed in the series (the first being in the episode "Expose the Decepticons' Dark Deception!"). The Japanese must really hate the French...


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