"Whoever you are, you're playing against opponents with much higher combat attributes than yourself!"
―Bisk in Bumblebee's Night Off.

Bisk is a lobster-like Decepticon. His alt-mode is a Cybertronian muscle car, resembling a mid-1960s Pontiac GTO. Bisk is also very boastful, he also thinks everything is a game.


Bisk was a Decepticon prisoner on the Alchemor before it crashed on Earth.

Season 1

Bisk made his first appearance in More than Meets the Eye where he emerged from a lake on to a golf course. He encountered Bumblebee and his team on the golf course where he managed to blast Grimlock onto Sideswipe. Bumblebee and Strongarm had their guns pointed at Bisk but he was able to blast both of them. Sideswipe was able to dodge the blasts to hit Bisk a few times with his sword while Grimlock swiped his tail at Bisk. Bisk managed to dodge the attacks from Grimlock and Sideswipe with no hesitation. However, Bumblebee and his team used strategic moves on Bisk which ended in Grimlock getting the drop on Bisk. This left Bisk unconscious and he was taken back by the team to be placed back in stasis. As a result of the fight, the golf course was destroyed.

Season 2

In Misdirection, after Steeljaw broke into the scrapyard, he deactivated Bisk's stasis pod, alongside several others, as part of a bid to bolster Glowstrike's forces. When Thunderhoof brought up Steeljaw's past failures at leadership, Steeljaw informed the Decepticons of his alliance with Glowstrike, and gave them coordinates to follow while he remained at the scrapyard. The escapees later reconvened at Steeljaw's coordinates, where they was inspected by Glowstrike, who seemed pleased by the new cadre of "elite warriors".

In Bumblebee's Night Off, Bisk partnered up with the Mini-Cons Hammer and Anvil. The trio set about breaking into the backstage of a Rear Axle concert so that they could steal some soundboards, a component vital for constructing a spaceship. Although the heist started off well, things took an unexpected turn when Russell Clay stumbled across the Decepticons, escaped from them, and alerted Bumblebee to the intrusion. Bisk then crashed the concert proper to steal another soundboard, although the director mistook him for a human in an elaborate costume. Before he could storm the audience, he was attacked by Bumblebee, and they both tumbled onto the stage right in the middle of one of Rear Axle's songs. The two fought as the band rocked out; the humans at the concert thought that the fight was just a choreographed part of the show. With his Mini-Cons out of commission, Bisk tried to take on Bumblebee solo. He appeared to have the upper hand as he held Bumblebee in his left claw and was getting ready to blast him. However, the Autobot managed to get the better of Bisk and then threw Bisk into a wall of speakers, rendering him unconscious. Bisk and his Mini-Cons were stashed in a nearby crate and taken back to the scrapyard.


"Robots in Disguise"

Season 1

Season 2


  • "Yes! Three bodies of water crossed in twelve nano-cycles."
  • "This planet's not match for - Huh?"
  • "Whoo-hoo! Four more Autobot take-downs, and I will own the record!"
  • "Fine. I can still tie the record."
  • "You think I don't know how to beat this attack? It's just up, up, left, down, claw, claw!"


  • Since Bisk looks like a lobster, his name is a likely nod to a food dish called lobster bisque.
  • Bisk shares a body-type with Thermidor.


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