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Birth of the Fantastic Double Prime is the third episode of Transformers: The Headmasters. It first aired in Japan on July 17, 1987 on Nippon TV.



With the missing Matrix recovered, the race is on to return to Cybertron and secure the Autobots' control of the planet.


While Hot Rod and the Autobot Headmasters search for the Matrix in the final possible location, the Decepticons mobilize to stop them. Ultra Magnus co-ordinates the Autobot response, with the Protectobots intercepting the Combaticons and the Technobots holding off the Terrorcons. Hot Rod successfully locates the Matrix - which has still not regained its full power - but as he attempts to depart the battlefield with it, his way is barred by Galvatron and the Decepticon Headmasters. The Autobot Headmasters come to his rescue, and the quintet head for Cybertron aboard the Trainbots.

On Cybertron, Vector Sigma's destabilization continues, with the planet on the verge of self-destruction. Fortress enters Cybertron's catacombs, following Optimus Prime's trail and using his telepathic powers to communicate with Alpha Trion's ghost, in order to guide Prime through the tunnels. Threats as varied as energy leeches and monstrous rodents stand in Prime's way, but eventually, he makes it to Vector Sigma's chamber - only to discover Cyclonus and Scourge have made it there ahead of him! Fortress, Galvatron, Hot Rod and the Headmasters all soon arrive in quick succession, and to turn the tide of battle, Alpha Trion merges with the Matrix in Hot Rod's hands, re-energizing it and once again transforming Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime. The two Primes team up to defeat the Decepticons, but just as Rodimus is about to recharge Optimus Prime with the Matrix, Vector Sigma flares dangerously, and Prime leaps into action the only way he can - by fusing his own essence with the computer, bringing it back under control at the cost of his own life. With Cybertron back under Autobot control, the Decepticons flee, and Rodimus is left as Autobot commander once again.


In the episode[]


Regional Differences[]


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Animation and/or technical glitches[]

  • Prowl appears again in this episode. He's still supposed to be dead, but see here for the details.
  • As Galvatron and the Decepticon Headmasters arrive to stop Hot Rod, Skullcruncher is colored like Weirdwolf, and Weirdwolf is colored like Sinnertwin.
  • When arguing with Arcee and Wheelie, Blurr's chestplate windshield is miscolored.
  • As Galvatron and the Decepticon Headmasters fire on Hot Rod as he and the Autobot Headmasters board the Trainbots, Mindwipe is missing his wings and Galvatron is missing his Decepticon insignia.

Continuity errors[]

  • Okay, so, it takes Optimus Prime (who has made the trip before) basically one-and-a-half episodes to traverse the tunnels and get to Vector Sigma's chamber, and yet Cyclonus and Scourge, who were on Earth earlier in this episode, were able to beat him there? And Galvatron and Rodimus, who only just left Earth a little while ago, make it to the chamber in what seems like only minutes? What, did Optimus get lost on his way? Maybe that's why Alpha Trion's ghost came to guide him to Vector Sigma. Never ask Prime for directions, he's obviously horrible at them.

Transformers references[]

  • One of the most bizarre threats that Prime comes up against on his journey through Cybertron is a pack of giant, purple rats with large rows of spines. Perhaps leftover Trans-Organics?

Miscellaneous trivia[]

  • This article follows the lead of the English-language DVD releases of the episode in its use of the term "Prime" in the title.
  • This episode is a study in how weird the Matrix is in Japan. With the wisdom of the ages having been drained to counteract the Hate Plague in The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2, the Autobots have decided to recharge the Matrix by... hooking it up to a power station. The final chapter of the Headmasters manga tries to justify this a bit, or at least gussy it up, by pointing out that the energy is the "lifeforce of Earth," so presumably the power plant was gathering up natural energy. But, y'know. Still. And the fact that's it's actually recharged by Alpha Trion's ghost spinning around and going inside it isn't much better.
  • While relaying information in cassette mode, Ratbat plays not a recording, but a summary of events in a unique voice, in the same manner that Ravage did in More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3. Later in the series, however, he and the other Decepticon cassette animals suddenly start talking in their robot modes.
  • The term "Double Convoy" in reference to Convoy and Rodimus Convoy teaming up is presumably a takeoff on the "Double Rider" team of Kamen Rider 1 and Kamen Rider 2 from the original Kamen Rider series. (Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the company that makes Kamen Rider also did the animation for Season 1 and 2 of The G1 Cartoon.) It's also amusing to note both ran afoul of a group called Destron.
  • In an odd touch, Rodimus Prime's character model seen here and in the remainder of his appearances in Headmasters, is different from his U.S. character model in several subtle ways, seemingly taking inspiration from his Studio OX design. His eyes now have thick borders around them (although this does vary depending on the shot), the wheels on his upper arms now face forward rather than backward, and his yellow spoiler has been 'beefed-up' in robot mode.
  • Um, did the writer forget this is not the first time Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime show up together?
  • I can feel the heat!


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