The "Binder of Revelation" is the informal name used by Hasbro for the 354-page production bible that undergirds fiction in the Aligned continuity family. Co-written by Aaron ArcherRik Alvarez, and other Transformers experts from Hasbro, it charts billions of years of fictional history, combining concepts from all previous "generations" of Transformers lore.

Apparently, it didn't turn out as planned.
"cost over $250,000 to produce - lives in the bottom of drawer "
―Rik Alvarez's slideshow at TFCon 2015


The Binder contains full-colour illustrations and charts the history of the Transformers from the beginning to the end of the universe. Transformers Vault contains three scans of the Binder:

  • Orion Pax/Optimus Prime's bio, essentially the version of the character adapted into Transformers: Exodus. It is also mentioned as a data clerk he has a keen interest in history and will often find parallels in current events. Furthermore, it is revealed Transformers have "polarities", equivalent to a human star sign and based on the Thirteen original Transformers. Optimus claims Prima and Alpha Trion as his primary and secondary polarity.
  • An image of Prima, wielding the Star Saber (that contains the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt).
  • A map of Cybertron detailing locations, with a brief description and some of the characters who call it home. This was mostly followed in Exodus, though the following were not mentioned:
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