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What may soon be an invaluable tool for medicine, the Binary Diagnostic Link allows a doctor to feel what their patient is feeling, resulting in them being able to give a more accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately a vital component of the device is a crystal so delicate that is can only be installed in zero gravity.


Transformers: Rescue Bots


After an attempt to install the crystal using an anti-gravity patch ended in disaster, Doc Greene opted to take the device into space using the Asgard space elevator, and took along Frankie and most of Griffin Rock's rescue team as well. Shortly after the crystal was successfully install, the Asgard air filtration system was somehow contaminated by a passing nebula, and the crystal exposed to the abnormal atmosphere created a strange reaction. The energy resulted in a mind swap effect between everyone present, with humans swapping minds with Rescue Bots. Doc Greene, now inhabiting Chief Burns' body, eventually realized the solution was to replicate the original accident, so everyone went back up in the space elevator, and the crystal was reinstalled in the Binary Diagnostic Link, reversing the mind swap.

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