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Billy Husky is a human in the Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Billy husky

Nowhere near as cool as Bomber Bill

Billy Husky is a truck driver for Union Transportation, an American shipping company. There he met Ginrai, a Japanese man who moved to the United States to escape Japan's structured society. They became good friends, and regular drinking buddies.

Billy is a superior truck driver, and can maneuver his rig with great dexterity and lightning-fast reflexes. However, his rig becomes much more cumbersome when fully loaded.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Yoshitada Ōtsuka (Japanese)

Billy, who had not seen Ginrai in some time, ran into him at a truck stop. Ginrai almost told Billy about his new Transtector, then held back, instead arranging to meet him at the Barr Nellison at the end of their runs.

Later, Billy was attacked by a big rig piloted by the Decepticon Godmaster Hydra. Though he repeatedly evaded the trucks' attempts to force him off the road, Billy was unable to lose it. His rig wiped out after being pushed from behind (almost colliding with a train) and burst into flames. Billy was killed in the ensuing blaze. Ginrai: God On of Rage!!

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