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Billy is a human from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Nobody remembers me!

Billy and his cohort Fred were once bullies, picking on Carlos and Rad - though as Fred was largely unmotivated in this area, Billy served as the driving force in their antagonism. He also briefly plotted to win Alexis over romantically, but Billy's plans for this and any other short-term goals were ultimately unrealized due to the coming of the Transformers.

Billy and Fred eventually became friends with their one-time targets, in particular spending a lot of time around Carlos.


Armada anime

Voice actor: Andrew Francis (US), Tarusuke Shingaki (Japan)

One day, as Rad and Carlos were preparing for class, Billy and Fred overheard the pair discussing the possibility of exploring the caves under the local observatory and when the latter were asked if they wanted to come along, Billy rebuffed the very notion of being seen with those he considered 'dweebs'. When Rad and Carlos left after class, so Billy and Fred followed, intent on discovering what the two were up to, as well as wanting to bully them for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately for Billy, Rad's activation of the caverns caused an earthquake that almost buried them alive. When he and Fred finally crawled out of the rubble, they were greeted by the sight of gigantic, body-shaped depressions and footprints in the valley floor. First Encounter

Later, Billy and Fred managed to discover the truth about Rad and Carlos' toy robots, and were forced by Hot Shot to promise to keep the existence of the Transformers a secret, after saving their lives. Carnival

While attempting to once again harrass Rad and Carlos, Billy and Fred were captured by the Decepticons for nefarious purposes and imprisoned in one of those conveniently abandoned ghost towns that seem to populate Earth in most Transformers continuities. When the Autobot rescue attempt went awry, Fred was pivotal in securing their freedom from the Decepticons and their nefarious purposes. Afterwards, the pair joined the Autobot team. Confrontation

Armada Dreamwave comics continuity

He's not Seth.

Cybertron anime

Billy is the first astronaut who get on board with the autobots in the episode "beginning"

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Armada Panini comics continuity


  • According to the Micron Legend Yearbook 2003, the producers of the Armada cartoon kept meaning to write Billy and Fred out of the series, but ultimately never got around to it. Their staying through to the end of the show was, thus, wholly unintentional.
  • When asked about their status post-Armada, Aaron Archer joked that Billy and Fred now spend their time partying in the south of France. Go Billy!