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Bill at BotCon 2006

William "Bill" Rawley is one of Hasbro's Senior Product Designers on the Transformers brand. He first became known to the public through his "non-mainline" design work, which included Robot Heroes, Cyber Slammers, Real Gear Robots and more. He also worked on Robot Replicas and Unleashed figures for the Movie toyline.

He is currently the lead designer on the new-mold Classics, Legends and Robot Heroes segments of the Transformers Universe toyline, as well as the Activators line for Transformers Animated.

He is capable of lifting Eric Siebenaler and Vickie Stratford onto his shoulders, although not at the same time (so far as it is known).

In his childhood, he entered a design-a-toy contest run by Mattel for its Masters of the Universe franchise. Although he was not awarded any prizes apart from a second-place notification letter and a consolation Teela magnet, the subsequently-released Mantenna action figure bore a striking resemblance to his submission. If more than coincidence, this would make him one of the youngest-starting toy designers in the industry. And would make Mattel very bad people.

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