Bigmos is a Maximal Insectron from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Wait,my wings are cracking...

Bigmos (ビッグモス, bi-ggu-mo-su) is the leader of the Insectron forces. After many years of war on Cybertron, he chose to leave with a group of his friends and search the galaxy for a safe haven from the fighting. He is a very solemn warrior who deeply desires peace. He also has a great sense of honor. In a battle with the Autoroller named Autostinger on Cybertron, he was beaten and at the Predacon's mercy. Instead of killing Bigmos, Autostinger granted him mercy and allowed him to live. To this day he still owes a debt of gratitude to the Autoroller. As leader, Bigmos is easily the most level-headed member of the Insectrons. Which is kinda like being the sanest patient in the asylum.

Note: Given the inherent ambiguities of the Japanese Katakana that makes up Bigmos's name, there exists the (very remote) outside possibility that his name is actually "Big Moth".


Beast Wars II and Neo animation

Voice actor: Takeshi Watanabe (Japanese)

Bigmos and the Insectrons were living peacefully on the Antarctica region of Gaea.Someone later tricked them into fighting the Maximals until the ruse was ruined by the evil lord's fits.

Eventually they allied with the Maximals and beat the snot out of their sworn rivals.

IDW Continuity

Bigmos has gone into semi-retirement, and serves as a stabilising influence on the council, despite both balking authority and a tendency to ignore orders.


Beast Wars II

  • Bigmos (Mega, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: C-17
    • Acessories: Missile
A redeco of the Predacon Transquito, Bigmos transforms into an organic mosquito. In this mode, a push-switch on his back makes his insect wings slide back and forth. His insect-mode proboscis is actually a spring-loaded missile that fires from his mouth in robot mode.
He has a third mode, forming kind of an antlion. Its oversized mandibles are formed by unfolding his wings; the "flapping" gimmick from mosquito mode makes the mandibles close down on victims.
  • Bigmos vs. Autostinger (Vs pack, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-17
Bigmos was also made available in a two-pack with Autostinger. Both toys were identical to their individual releases.
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