Prime-toy BigScissor

The Big Scissor (ビッグシザー Biggu Shizā) is a huge extended double-bladed chainsaw weapon formed from the Arms Microns Jida, Zamu, and Noji, and is one of the many Decepticon Combo Weapons in their arsenal.



  • Terrorcon Cliffjumper (Deluxe, 2012-04-28)
    • ID number: AM-08
  • War Breakdown (Voyager, 2012-06-30)
    • ID number: AM-12
  • Decepticon Vehicon (Deluxe, 2012-06-30)
    • ID number: AM-14
The Big Scissor is formed from Jida (packaged with Terrorcon Cliffjumper) in "Big Saw" mode forming the blades, with Zamu (packaged with Breakdown) forming the handle/base, and Noji (packaged with the Vehicon) being pegged onto Zamu's side.
Since it is only a Combo Weapon made up of mixed Energon Crystal types, you can substitute them with their various Hellflame versions, although substituting all of them with these versions will actually form a Super Combo Weapon.


  • This weapon makes up the entirety of Breakdown's Arms Up Mode. Really. That's it.
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