Big Red is an unnamed Autobot from the Generation One and Unicron Trilogy continuity families.

Grab jets a little longer, crush 'Cons a little longer, kick skidplate a little longer, longer with Big Red!

"Big Red" is big and he's red, and he can grab you out of the sky if he wants to. He doesn't have a known name, but some fans of the Transformers call him Big Red. There is an Autobot who looks just like Big Red only he's yellow and his name is either Tempest or Pulsar. But we don't care about him because Big Red is red and he's awesome.


Marvel Generation One comics

Big Red is one of the Autobot combatants seen in the beginning throes of the Autobot/Decepticon war. He just grabs a Decepticon jet out of the sky with one hand and crushes him right there with only his fingers. Big Red is hardcore.

Cybertron comic


He's big, he's red, he's good.

Big Red is one of the Transformers seen in the early days of Cybertron history, before the war. What specific continuity this version of Big Red inhabited is unknown, as the dimension-hopping Vector Prime narrates the scene without identifying his home dimension.

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