Big Hauler is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.

Oh, joy, another complainer.

The Autobot army has its share of negative nellies, and Big Hauler is the one (well, one of two) on the Monster Truck Patrol. He seemingly never has anything positive to say about any situation. However, this downer attitude only fuels his drive to overcome the sheer level of adversity he sees ahead of him. The light at the end of the tunnel may be there because the tunnel is on fire, but after that...?

French name (Canada): Tourer


Dreamwave comics continuity

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Generation One

  • Monster Truck Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)

How dare you call me "Timmy the Talking Tractor"!

Big Hauler transforms into a green semi cab of undetermined model with oversized "monster truck" tires. He was only available in a Micromaster four-pack with his teammates Heavy Tread, Hydraulic and Slow Poke.

Return of Convoy

  • Big Truck Team (Micro Trailer Team, 1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-361
The Monster Truck Patrol was released in Japan with no discernible differences during Return of Convoy. However, the team did come with Micro Trailer #1.


  • Big Hauler and Slow Poke's bios from the Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye encyclopedia are incredibly similar, only Slow Poke's is written from the viewpoint of Hydraulic. Error or intent?

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