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Big Daddy is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Big daddy boxart

Before we go crazy, before we explode, there's something 'bout me, baby, you got to know.

His idle is a little rough, daddy-o, but his carb's in the right place. Big Daddy is the leader of the Autobot Hot Rod Patrol. He might be "Big Daddy" to the younger cats on the patrol, but he's really a fairly new Micromaster, whose main program loop hasn't fully optimized itself yet. He doesn't always dig what the brass are saying, and sometimes he just splits and does his own thing.

On the other hand, this Yank tank is older than his years. He ain't just playing the leader bit; he'd give his last drop of go-juice for the patrol, and he's hep to the royal shaft the Micromasters so often get from the big boys. With a few years and a little experience he'd be one of the best there is.

Japanese name: Grease
French name (Canada): Paternel
Hungarian name: Apafej


Dreamwave comics continuity


Who knew 1957 Chevy Bel Airs were around on Cybertron several million years ago?

Big Daddy was among the hundreds of Micromasters created by the Autobots and Decepticons millions of years after the launch of the Ark. While in Little Iacon, he befriended Runner, who later became the Decepticon known as Barricade. Big Daddy, along with the Hot Rod Patrol, was selected to join the Autobots. He and his team helped the Monster Truck Patrol recover Roadbuster, but clashed with his former friends in the Decepticon Race Track Patrol in the battle that ensued. Big Daddy succeeded in evacuating Roadbuster, but team member Crunch was killed in the process.

Upon returning to Iacon, Big Daddy angrily confronted Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus. After storming out, he picked a fight with Sidetrack and Sunrunner, avoiding a brawl only when Hydraulic intervened. The confrontation helped Big Daddy realize that the Autobot/Decepticon war wasn't the Micromasters' to fight, and he took off for Little Iacon with his team.


Your boy is fine. I taught him how to play the spoons.

Driving through the Wastelands, Big Daddy and the Hot Rod Patrol ran straight into the Race Track Patrol, who had just deserted the Decepticons. A fight loomed, but was prevented by the arrival of Falcon and Flanker and their pursuers, a group of vampiric Insecticons. Destined for Nothing The Micromasters were heavily outmatched, but were saved from certain doom when Groundshaker arrived with his ATV, driving off the Insecticons. Groundshaker took Big Daddy and his charges to Countdown's base, where he tried to recruit them for a mysterious mission. Big Daddy and his team declined, and continued on their way to Little Iacon. Once there, Big Daddy met with Roadhandler at an underground bar. Roadhandler chided Big Daddy for leaving the Autobots, and challenged him to a race. Big Daddy took an early lead, but Roadhandler's experience led him to victory. The Gray Race After the race, Big Daddy got in another fight, this time with Road Hugger, but was distracted by another Insecticon raid. The Hot Rod Patrol fled back to Iacon, hoping to enlist the aid of the Autobots, but were denied access to Autobase by Sidetrack and Sunrunner. As they left, Stakeout told them that they were persona non grata with Magnus, prompting them to go to Countdown for help. Recipe For Hate

While Countdown stormed the Decepticon base, Big Daddy and his team snuck into it via oil-disposal tunnels and freed the Micromasters imprisoned by the Insecticons. After battling their way through Ransack and Barrage, they ran straight into Barricade and the Race Track Patrol. While the rest of the team engaged the Decepticons, Big Daddy headed for the command center and saved Countdown from being crushed by Shockwave's severed head. Big Daddy and the rest of the freed Micromasters accompanied Countdown to a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, and convinced them to lay down arms by informing them that Skystalker had engineered the whole thing. As the Decepticons retreated, Big Daddy tried to console a dying Sidetrack, who cursed him with his last breath. Countdown tried to have Big Daddy calm the restless crowd of Micromasters, but Big Daddy rejected his grand plans, as well as those of the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Big Daddy left the battlefield, vowing to find something more than constant war, toil and death...on his own. Victims of the Revolution

3H Universe Comics


Ayyyy! Sit on it.

Big Daddy (or an alternate-universe incarnation) was one of countless Transformers pulled from his timestream to engage in the death-duels of the Cauldron deep inside the shattered Unicron. He escaped this fate in the jail-break set by Trailbreaker and Silverbolt. Escape

Presumably, he was safely returned to his timeline or universe of origin. Because he's that awesome.


Generation One

  • Hot Rod Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-362
G1 BigDaddy toy

What am I rebelling against? Lack of articulation, mostly.

Big Daddy transforms into a black and orange modified 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hot rod convertible. While the rest of his team also have large rear wheels, the rear of Big Daddy's vehicle mode is large and raised, making his rear wheels look especially huge. In robot mode, the purple paint on his face is so dark it is practically indistinguishable from black.
He was sold in 1990 as part of the Hot Rod Patrol, along with Greaser, Hubs, and Trip-Up.

Return of Convoy

  • Hot Rod Team (Micro Trailer Team, 1991)
Japanese ID number: C-362
In Japan, the Hot Rod Patrol was sold only as a complete set with Micro Trailer #2. The individuals are physically identical to their Hasbro releases.



Marvy, man. Fab. Far out.

  • Big Daddy, as well as the rest of the Hot Rod Patrol, appeared in animated footage that was used in a series of commercials for the second-year Micromaster patrols.
    • In the first commercial, Actionmaster Jazz introduces Actionmaster Optimus Prime to the Hot Rod Patrol. Prime agrees that they're a "sharp-looking bunch," but he wants to know if they can transform. A voice which is likely Big Daddy's answers, "You bet we can! We're Micromasters!"
    • In the second commercial, Optimus Prime tells Jazz to check out his new Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol. Squaresville! Property is theft, man.
    • If that's Big Daddy speaking in the first commercial, it sounds like his voice actor is Michael Bell.

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