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Big Convoy is a Maximal leader from the Beast Wars era of the Generation One continuity family.
BigConvoy sourcebook 2

Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June, in a Kenworth haulin' logs...

Big Convoy, also known as Big Primal, is a high-ranking yet severely anti-social general in the Maximal army. He is often called by his nickname, "the One-Man Army", due to his isolationist behavior and immense skill in battle. He can transform into a woolly mammoth, and his weapon of choice is the aptly named Big Cannon. At one point, he was a freelancer, working with Rockbuster, until he joined the Maximal army officially. He has a heated but respectful rivalry with the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron. The Maximal Elders recognize Big Convoy's skill and dedication, yet do not approve of his introverted attitude. He carries an Energon Matrix connected to the Vector Sigma supercomputer.

" Big Convoy "
― "Battle of the Single Batch" [src]


Beast Wars Neo anime[]

Voice actor: Junichi Inoue (Japanese)

We've got a great big codpiece.

Hoping to curb Big Convoy's psychotically antisocial behavior, the Maximal Elders ordered him to train a crew of unruly new recruits. Big Convoy loathed the assignment at first, but being a loyal soldier, accepted the task. His first mission was to explore Gaea and investigate the disappearance of Lio Convoy. Little did he know, Magmatron and his Predacons were following close behind him. After finding a black box message from Lio Convoy, Big Convoy learned of the Angolmois capsules ejected after the destruction of the Nemesis. Big Convoy then headed off with his group of trainees to collect the capsules, battling Magmatron every step of the way.

Big Convoy is not one for compassion or sentimental gobbledygook. Because of this bitter attitude, Vector Sigma took it upon itself to dispense words of wisdom and encouragement to the recruits directly through Big Convoy, via his Energon Matrix. Big Convoy hated it at first, but over the course of the adventure, the sense of compassion began to rub off on him, and he started giving words of advice all on his own.

Eventually, after the Maximals and Predacons collected all the capsules, they were attacked by the Blendtrons, a fearsome trio of nearly invincible Transformers. The Blendtrons beat the mortal hell out of him, the Maximals and the Predacons, and took the Angolmois capsules. As it turned out, the Angolmois energy was really the essence of Unicron, and the Blendtrons were his creations.

The Blendtrons released the Angolomois energy into the corpse of Galvatron, resurrecting Unicron. Big Convoy and the Maximals raced him back to Cybertron but were side-tracked by being sucked into a wormhole. It turned out to be the same wormhole that had sucked in Lio Convoy and his crew after their battle against the Nemesis. Lio Convoy told Big Convoy the history of Unicron and helped him escape the wormhole.

The Maximals arrived too late; Unicron had already destroyed the Maximal armada (and Great Convoy with it) and possessed Vector Sigma, turning Cybertron into his new body. Big Convoy, the Maximal recruits and Magmatron stood side by side to fight the menace. Unicron briefly exited Vector Sigma to swat his opponents. Using their newfound teamwork, the Maximals managed to hold off Unicron while Big Convoy powered up his trademarked Big Cannon with his own Energon Matrix. This upgraded his Big Cannon into the Matrix Buster. Big Convoy unleashed a blast from his Matrix Buster directly into Unicron, seemingly destroying him.

With Unicron evicted from Vector Sigma, Big Convoy and Magmatron chose to put aside their differences. Together, all missing Maximals and Predacons set adrift (especially those from Lio Convoy's time) returned to Cybertron to help rebuild the planet. In the end, Big Convoy, Magmatron and Lio Convoy were seen standing side-by-side beneath Vector Sigma.

Beast Wars Neo manga[]

Before Lio Convoy and Galvatron's conflict took place, Big Convoy was originally a mammoth named "Big" on a primitive world. He and Magmatron's minions were evolved by the power of Angolmois energy from an Angolmois capsule that fell on his home planet. His friends were all killed by Magmatron's gang. Lio Convoy met Big after arriving on the planet accidentally. After having a conversation, Big took Lio Convoy to the place where the capsule had fallen, but they were attacked by Magmatron's troops. Eventually, Big pushed Magmatron's thugs into a gorge along with the capsule, but the capsule exploded on impact, and Magmatron and his gang were all evolved into Transformers by the Angolmois energy. Lio Convoy transformed into humanoid mode to fight Magmatron, but he was soon defeated. Big used his body as a shield to protect Lio Convoy and was heavily injured. Some time later, Lio Convoy came to and found the dying mammoth lying beside him. Lio Convoy then used his Energon Matrix to cure Big. The power of Energon Matrix not only healed the mammoth, but it also turned him into a Transformer named "Big Convoy". However, Big Convoy lost all of his memory before awakening in a snowstorm. Beast Wars Neo: Prologue

Big Convoy later becomes a famous (or notorious) one man army. During an event on the battlefield, he disregards Crow Convoy's order, rushing into a Predacon space fortress and blows it up. The shock wave of the blast causes damages to the Maximal troops. He is degraded and sent to the planet Gaea as an instructor for disregarding orders by the Convoy Council. Operation: The Five Rookies

He confronts Magmatron in a battle, but he has no memory about his old rival. Big Convoy defeats Magmatron by blasting him for several times with Big Cannon, the only thing he trusts. Battle of the Single Batch

In order to save Break from being suck out into outer space, he loses the Big Cannon in the battle with the Predacons on the planet Jörmungandr.

It is revealed that both he and Magmatron are the last Angolmois energy capsule. Thus makes Unicron wants to eat them in order to absorb the energy. Big Convoy recalls all his lost memory after Unicron talks to him.

He teams up with Magmatron and rides on him, fighting against Unicron and the Blentrons. However, they fail. Big Convoy is saved by Heinrad, the agent of the God of Time and Space, while Magmatron is chewed by Unicron. Magmatron, who is dying, leaves the Magma Blade to Big Convoy as a "parting gift" and repents of his wrongdoings, asking Big Convoy give him an honorable "Warrior's death" with his own sword since he is a warrior. Then Big Convoy kills him with the Magma Blade.

Now with the Magma Blade, Big Convoy goes back to the planet Cybetron with his crew to battle Unicron, who is parasitic on the planet Cybetron and becomes a giant Transformer. Big Convoy successfully destroys Unicron's physical body. However, Unicron's blackish and sticky true form comes out from the corpse and sticks on Big Convoy's body, trying to possess him. Big Convoy then take the Matrix out from his chest and releases it. Big Convoy eventually sacrifices himself and successfully destroy Unicron once and for all. In his last moment before dying, Big Convoy sees Lio Convoy come to bring him to a place where his soul can rest in peace. Return of the Zero

Big Convoy's soul is later recycled by Heinrad's crew. Big Convoy is ultimately resurrected as a normal mammoth on a snowy planet without any memory as a Transformer, just like his old days before affected by the Angolmois energy. Return of the Zero

Dreamwave Armada comics[]

At one point, Blurr, Side Swipe, and Jetfire discovered a node with several space bridges displaying images from several other Transformer universes. One of those showed Big Convoy, who seemed to be looking right back at Jetfire. Jetfire, thinking he'd seen the Optimus Prime he knew, tried to say so, but only stuttered, possibly in shock.

IDW Beast Wars comics[]


Where everybody knows your name...

Before the Pax Cybertronia, Big Convoy battled Magmatron and trained young Maximals aboard the Gung Ho. Beast Wars Sourcebook 1

Big Convoy was part of Cybertron's Bi-Partate Committee for State Affairs alongside Heinrad and Magmatron. The Gathering #1 Because of his distinguished service, he was a high-ranking member of the joint committee. Beast Wars Sourcebook 1

On Cybertron, Big Convoy, along with Tasmania Kid, had been investigating recent disturbances and riots occurring with increasing frequency. He found that the riots had been set off by the use of Angolmois delivery capsules—something which he thought he had seen the last of. Though the Maximal Imperium sent their aide, Ikard, to bring Big Convoy to them, he refused to come, citing the importance of getting some control in the field. The Ascending #2


He doesn't attend to politicians when there's asses to kick.

Following the trail of the Angolmois incidents, he and his unit were able to locate a monolithic structure jutting from the Cybertronian skyline. Cohrada speculated that the new building was in fact quite ancient, a part of an older era of Cybertron that was thrust up through the substructure. Shokaract emerged from the structure, eager to demonstrate his newfound power. Big Convoy retaliated, transforming into a heavily-armed, spider-tank altmode. Magmatron witnessed that unless the timestream was altered, the Maximal leader would also be killed by Shokaract. Thus, the chronally displaced Predacon chose that moment in time for the transwarp coordinates to give to Ravage. Therefore, the battle was interrupted by the appearance of Lio Convoy's transwarp cruiser, sparing Big Convoy. However, this hope was in vain, as it was soon shot down by Shokaract. The Ascending #3

Big Convoy later met Bump, a "specialist" sent by Lio Convoy. Soon afterwards, Big Convoy and his soldiers encountered the Pack, along with immigrants from Earth, including Ravage. He participated in the plan and battled with Shokaract's forces. After their enemies were defeated, Lio Convoy and Big Convoy hoped that no threat came up while they were focused on rebuilding Cybertron, which had fallen into a sorry state after Shokaract's distribution of Angolmois. Unfortunately, Megatron popped up just in time to dash that hope. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars Neo[]

  • Big Convoy (Ultra, 1999)
Japanese ID number: C-35
Acessories: Big Cannon, Mammoth Haken *2, Energon Matrix
Big Convoy transforms into a mammoth and is somewhat infamous for being an extremely difficult-to-transform shellformer, as practically all of his beast mode components are shells that fit around the compressed robot to form this mode. As such, he has no leg articulation in this mode, though he has a rubber trunk which can be controlled by pushing a lever on the top of his head. In addition, the movement of his tusks can be controlled by pulling either of his ears. Big Convoy technically has a beast "attack mode", in which his Big Cannon is folded out.

Pimp My Ribcage.

In robot mode, Big Convoy stands slightly shorter than the original Beast Wars Ultra class Optimus Primal and Lio Convoy toys, but makes up for it by being absolutely chock-full of weapons and gimmicks. First and foremost, the spring-loaded Big Cannon, formed out the beast head, can fire two missiles from two barrels in succession with a rotating dial. It is held in his hands and can be stored on his back, though doing this may cause some stability problems owing to its weight. Secondly, he has flip-out tonfa melee weapons in his forearms. Thirdly, the two beast panels on the sides of his legs feature two spring-loaded missile launchers that fire anchor-shaped projectiles (similar to the original Beast Wars Ultra class Megatron toy). Last, but certainly not least, his chest panel flips down, revealing the first-ever removable Matrix toy accessory, vacuum-metalized gold with a transparent red center. This accessory can be held by any figure with standard 5mm fist holes.
This mold was also used to make Black Big Convoy, Universe Nemesis Prime, and Timelines Ultra Mammoth.
  • Big Convoy vs Magmatron (Vs pack, 1999)
Japanese ID number: VS-35
As with most Japanese Transformers of the time, Big Convoy was also available in a Versus pack with his chief adversary, Magmatron. Both toys were unchanged from the regular releases.


Bigconvoy shell

I'm NOT a Pretender.

  • Big Convoy's toy is a shellformer to such a significant degree that the shell parts can be detached from the main figure to form the majority of his beast mode on its own.
  • According to a conversation between Big Convoy and NAVI in the "The Capsule is Seven", Big Convoy is actually older than Lio Convoy due to Lio Convoy's time travelling to past. Also, Big Convoy refers Lio Convoy as "a rookie Convoy" after reading his profile, but without any belittling.

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