Big City - Underground Terror is the eighth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on May 16, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Deathsaurus and the Breastforce invade American subway tunnels to steal electrical energy.


Aboard the Thunder Arrow, Deathsaurus hands down his newest set of orders to the Breastforce, instructing them to steal electrical energy from the a major American subway system. Leozack advocates concern over potential Autobot interference, but Deathsaurus coolly silences him, telling him that it is not his place to worry about it. As the Breastforce depart, Leozack sulks about the fact that their plan leaves them scurrying around underground, and blows up at his teammates when they suggest that he might wants to keep his voice down in case Deathsaurus hears. A little later, the Breastforce arrive in American and Drillhorn burrows a path for them into the city's subway system. Jarugar manages to avoid a collision with a train, and a large trail of rubble left by Drillhorn derails another.

At the Shuttle Base, Star Saber and the Brainmasters process reports from the Multiforce, who are patrolling the globe for Decepticon activity. The lack of a report from America prompts them to move the Shuttle Base, after which Jean and the Rescue Team go outside to practise their speedy rescue tactics. The drill is soon interrupted by the sound of a klaxon, signalling to Jean and the Rescues that the Brainmasters have discovered the Decepticons' activities in America. Despite realizing the limitations that they will be subjected to by attempting to fight within a subway (and realizing that the Decepticons likely planned it that way), Star Saber orders the Autobots into action. The Brainmasters and Rescue Team board the Galaxy Shuttle, and Jean sneaks aboard to join in the battle.

Back in the subway, Leozack is too busy being pissy to focus on his job, and decides to disobey orders and just do things the most direct way—which for him involves opening fire on the tunnel walls to expose the various electrical systems. It's not long before the rest of the Breastforce follow his lead, causing explosions that begin tearing through the streets above as Star Saber and the Autobots arrive. Analyzing the Decepticons' tactics, Star Saber deduces that their target is the subway's power center, and he prepares to head there himself while the Rescue Team help in the damaged areas and the Brainmasters take on the Breastforce. Jean almost manages to sneak aboard Holi without being seen, but even though Star Saber spots him, he convinces the Supreme Commander to allow him to help.

Star Saber heads into the power distribution center (in his small robot form of Saber, with the V-Star hovering along behind him), and after some searching, discovers that he is not alone. What he does not expect, however, is to find that the Decepticon in the center is Deathsaurus himself! With Star Saber unable to open fire for fear of damaging the equipment, Deathsaurus unleashes his Breast Animals, and the intelligence of his scheme is revealed—in the cramped quarters of the subway, the Autobots are no match for the small, nimble Breast Animals! Laster and Blacker have also discovered this fact in their battles with Drillhorn and Killbison; Killbison even leaves his Bisonbreast to tackle Blacker, but Leozack shows up to criticize him for running. Leozack unleashes his own Breast Animal, and he, it and the Bisonbreast take on Blacker together.

Back with Star Saber and Deathsaurus, the Autobot leader has spotted the flaw in Deathsaurus's plan, and targets the Decepticon's now-unprotected chest plate. Deathsaurus's Breast Animals continue to interfere, so Star Saber calls on his own little friend, instructing the V-Star to crash into Deathsaurus. The villain raises his shield to block the oncoming craft, but this results in him leaving his chest open, and Star Saber hurls his sword, impaling Deathsaurus on its blade. Thusly wounded, Deathsaurus recalls his Breast Animals and flees with what energy he has managed to gather. The news of his retreat quickly reaches Jarugar, and he informs Killbison and Leozack of the situation. Leozack has no desire to back down from the fight, but when Killbison and Jarugar flee, he is left on his own and with no choice but to pull out.

With the Decepticons driven off, Star Saber and the Brainmasters emerge from the tunnels, and meet up with Jean and the Rescue Team, who have been busy helping civilians escape from a collapsed subway station. Star Saber credits his team with performing well under disadvantageous circumstances, and the Autobots set about rebuilding the damaged city.


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Continuity errors

  • Although Deathsaurus is still depicted as being bigger than the normal mode Star Saber, he's still a lot smaller than in the rest of the series where he's depicted as being the size of a combiner.


  • The Dinosaur Force aren't shown taking part in this plan. Deathsaurus probably figured that those clumsy dolts would screw everything up.








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