The Big Cannon is a weapon from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Big Cannon is the personal weapon of the Maximal commander, Big Convoy. Extremely powerful, only the likes of Magmatron could remain functional after even an indirect blast.

By inserting his Energon Matrix into the cannon, Big Convoy can transform it into the Matrix Buster. Fueled by this link to the supercomputer Vector Sigma, this weapon is so powerful, even a god might pause when faced with it.

"I never trust anyone except for — my Big Cannon only."
― Big Convoy [src]


Beast Wars Neo anime

Big Convoy used the Matrix Buster to destroy Unicron. The Last Battle

Beast Wars Neo manga

During an event on the battlefield, Big Convoy disregards Crow Convoy's order, rushing into a Predacon space fortress and blows it up with Big Cannon. Operation: The Five Rookies

When Big Convoy is busy fighting Magmatron with his hands, the mammoth nose on the Big Cannon puts the trigger and blasts Magmatron for several times, making him badly wounded. Battle of the Single Batch

In a battle against the Predacons on the planet Jörmungandr, Big Convoy uses the Big Cannon to blast Guiledart into pieces out of rage because he interrupts the duel between Big Convoy and Dead End by ordering Saberback fire on them. However, Big Cannon is lost in the last moment when Big Convoy tries to save Break. It is suck into the space along with Saberback and several other Predacons.


According to the event in the episode "Battle of the Single Batch" from Beast Wars Neo manga, the Big Cannon seems to be a part of Big Convoy rather just a weapon. It might be like the relationship between Optimus Prime's component: Brain Center, Roller and Combat Deck in some ways.

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