Bido (ビド) is the Arms Micron partner of Shockwave.



  • Shockwave (Deluxe, 2012-12-15)
    • Set ID number: AM-29
    • Micron ID number: M-35
    • Energon Crystal: AP Ice
Part of the ninth wave of TakaraTomy Prime toys, Bido is available only with his larger partner, Shockwave. He comes as an unassembled, unpainted "kit", using stickers for detail, and transforms from a robotic rhinoceros beetle into Shockwave's cannon (which is modeled after the Sling Shock) and the vehicle fuselage. He can only be used as a hand-held cannon, and is unable to replace Shockwave's hand. As part of the Arms Micron gimmick, Bido features numerous 5mm peg-holes and a pair of pegs, allowing him to combine with other Microns to form bigger and more ridiculous "Combo Weapons" and "Super Combo Weapons".


  • Bido comes from ビートル (bītoru), the Japanese spelling of beetle. "Beedo" would have been acceptable to preserve the pun, but the slightly shorter length of the vowel forces a slightly different spelling to reflect this.

Bido Combinations

Named combination weapons including Bido:

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