Beyond the Mysterious Unknown with Loren Fortean is a TV show featuring world-renowned explorer Loren Fortean. His quest is to peel back the secrets of the universe, and take viewers "beyond the veil of the known world-world-world". Basically, he uses his budget to travel the world looking for mythical creatures.


"Autobot World Tour"

Loren managed to get footage of the Decepticon Abominus on Mount Everest and, believing it to be a Yeti, broadcast it on his show. Russell Clay happened to be watching at the time, and had Fixit alert the away team to the Decepticon and the danger that Loren was in. Such was Loren's pull with the network, that as he hunted Abominus, he was able to get his show on-air outside its usual time slot. Russell later tuned in to the show and watched Fortean played an audio recording of a Yeti — in reality just Sideswipe making a spooky voice. The transmission was so successful that the show was renewed for three more seasons.

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