This article is about the partner to Alpha Trion. For the erm... other partner to Alpha Trion, aheh, see Beta.

Beta Maxx is an Autobot... Mini-Con? (maybe?) from the... something-something portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Beta Maxx, Alpha Trion's tiny, enigmatic companion, has dedicated himself to discovering the reason Cybertronian life came into existence. To assist him in this pursuit of knowledge, his unknown creator built him with the ability to not only read ancient Cybertronian texts, but to interface directly with Vector Sigma. He is considered a myth or legend among most Autobots, but to Shockwave, he is diabolically important...

His unique knowledge is a mixed blessing. He can incapacitate foes by beaming massive amounts of raw data directly into their processors; but he can also sometimes get "stuck" speaking ancient Cybertronian dialects nobody else understands. This renders him helpless in battle should he be asking for protection.


  • Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf (souvenir add-on, BotCon 2007)

He's that tiny dude in the center there.

A bagged set of Alpha Trion and Weirdwolf was released at BotCon 2007 as a souvenir set add-on, limited to 1400 pieces. Beta Maxx (as-of-then unnamed) was a redeco of Cybertron Vector Prime's partner Safeguard.
Beta Maxx transforms into a Cybertronic "HI-TECH StarZ Schooner" (God bless you) starfighter with a gunbarrel nosecone. This alt mode also serves as a "key" to Vector Sigma.


  • Beta Maxx's name references the superior-to-VHS but unsuccessful Betamax video format of the early 1980s.

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