Berko is a human from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Why didn't he have any friends? He looks so loveable.

Berko had no home, no friends, and no family. He was broke and lived on his own until he was beamed up on board the Cosmic Carnival Space-Train. There, he was just another sideshow freak. Until, that is, he began doing tricks. Mr. Big Top, the ringmaster, appreciated Berko's performances and made him a trustee.

He hates Earth and never wants to return to "that dust-ball." Well, Earth doesn't want you back, baldy.

Despite appearances, he is not Charles Xavier. Or the Vulture.


Marvel Comics continuity

Best employee dress code ever.

Unable to hold up a job and devoid of family or friends, Berko lived alone in the woods out of his camper truck. His broke and lonely existence was cut short when he was kidnapped and beamed aboard the Cosmic Carnival where he became one of the attractions in the carnival's sideshow. Eventually, after a period of bitter defiance, he began playing along, and made himself an interesting attraction. This caught the attentions of Mr. Big Top, the Cosmic Carnival's ringmaster. Mr. Big Top made Berko a trustee, and placed him in charge of the sideshow attractions.

Berko was replaced in his cage by four schoolchildren, who were swindled into a lousy contract along with the Autobot Sky Lynx. Before long, Sky Lynx's presence drew the interest of Optimus Prime and Goldbug, who wished to free the children and Sky Lynx. At first, Berko's contempt towards other humans held strong, but this rough exterior quickly gave way when the Autobots expressed an interest in helping Berko as well. No one had ever offered to help Berko before! So Berko released the kids, and with further assistance from him, he aided Optimus Prime's plan to spring Sky Lynx. Ultimately, Berko left with Sky Lynx and the children, leaving Mr. Big Top locked in one of his own cages. The Cosmic Carnival

Berko discovers open bottle liquor laws exist even on Grand Central Space Station.

After losing the kids, Berko and Sky Lynx explored the galaxy on their own, but not without incident. While Landmine and Cloudburst were on Grand Central Space Station trying to buy microchips, Landmine nearly stepped on Berko, who was slouched drunk in an alley. Berko witnessed them making a deal with the disguised Nebulan brokers Hi-Test and Throttle, and told the Autobots that he hadn't seen his partner, Sky Lynx, since they tried making a deal with the selfsame brokers. Landmine expressed concern that a fellow Autobot might be in danger, but Cloudburst brushed it off.

Later, after the Autobots discovered that the brokers were agents for the Mecannibals, and rescued Sky Lynx from the same ugly red robovores, they dragged Berko into an alley, and informed him of these events. When Berko didn't believe them, they revealed that the two of them were really robots in disguise. Berko was vaguely grateful, but couldn't leave to meet up with Sky Lynx, as he owed money at the Black Hole Bar and Grill (which, unknown to the Autobots, was part of the whole kidnapping-robots-for-the-Mecannibals operation). The Autobots agreed to pay his bill.

Unfortunately, the Nebulans witnessed the Autobots' revelation of their robotic nature, and alerted the bartender J'oh at the bar. Dreadwing captured the Autobots when J'oh and others dumped them out the airlock. The Autobots and Berko ended up in the clutches of the Mecannibals. Guess Who the Mecannibals are Having for Dinner?

After Cloudburst talked their way out of being immediately devoured, Berko was held hostage by the Mecannibals while the Autobots were sent to fetch spices suitable for flavoring robotic meals. When the Autobots returned, they bargained for Berko's freedom, and he flew off with Sky Lynx. Recipe for Disaster!

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