The Benzuli Expanse is a location within the IDW continuity portion of the Generation One continuity family

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The Benzuli Expanse is a dangerous region of space, host to a cosmic anomaly believed to be impassable.


IDW comics continuity

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The crew of the first Ark spacecraft were commissioned to find safe passage through this anomaly, only to disappear and emerge in the Dead Universe. Other civilizations would later study the anomaly, and the most recent indicated that the phenomenon was expanding at an alarming rate and would eventually consume the star system it inhabited. However, this research mission was unable to report their findings, as it was summarily destroyed by one of the Dead Universe's heralds, Galvatron. Spotlight: Galvatron

After Cyclonus secured the Nega-Core and activated its guardian, Nemesis Prime initiated the Expansion with the rest of the Dead Universe crew in the Benzuli Expanse. Spotlight: Cyclonus

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