TFGoSamurai4 Benkei Musashibō

The peerless warrior Benkei Musashibō (武蔵坊弁慶 Musashibō Benkei) is on a lifelong search to find the person who can defeat him in battle, in the belief that that person will be the savior who bring peace to the world. Despite the fact that Benkei can be defeated by a simple blow to the shin, he has already defeated 1000 people. He's a sensitive guy and cries a lot.


Transformers Go!

"Showdown! Benkei Musashibō!"

Benkei hung out on a bridge, defeating people in the hope of finding his savior. When Isami Tatewaki arrived on the bridge, Benkei challenged him as well, however Isami felled him with a blow to the shin with a piece of wood. Believing Isami to be the savior he'd been waiting for, Benkei swore everlasting loyalty to him. Once explanations had been made, Isami asked him what he would do if he had made a mistake, and Benkei asserted he would never give up. Moments later he was startled when the Swordbot Samurai Team arrived in vehicle form, followed closely by the Predacons Gaidora and Judora. While the Gaidora fought the Autobots, Judora took the legendisc Benkei was carrying, and Benkei's refusal to give up his attempts to retrieve the disc inspired Isami into action, relieving Judora of the disc. Once the battle ended, Isami and the two robot factions disappeared, returning to the future. Benkei cried over losing his master until Ushiwakamaru suddenly showed up.


  • Benkei Musashibō is based on the real life historical figure Benkei Musashibō.
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