Benson Yee (AP Photo Shoot, 2007)

Benson "Ben" Yee is an American comic book writer and fandom consultant.

Ben began his Transformers involvement as one of the many fans posting to While the Beast Wars cartoon was in production, writers Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward frequently interacted with fans on ATT, and struck up friendships with a number of them. Ben became the first of many fans to be given a shout-out during the course of the Beast Wars cartoon: during the episode "Dark Designs", Waspinator is knocked for a loop and declares that he is "Wonko the Sane", in reference to Ben's screen name at the time (the screen name itself, of course, comes from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books.)

When the Beast Wars story editors decided to do a plot drawing heavily on the The Transformers cartoon (the Season 2 finale 3-parter "The Agenda"), they turned to the fandom, recruiting Ben as a "Transformers consultant". Yee's involvement led to the selection of Ravage as a guest star. Yee is listed in the show's credits, the only fan to receive such an honor.

Ben would later go on to more heavy and direct involvement with official story production. He was originally recruited to work on Dreamwave Productions' Energon (comic) profiles series but that series was never produced due to Dreamwave's loss of the Transformers license. He would later join the fan club as a writer and work with Simon Furman on IDW's Beast Wars source books and the "Beast Wars: The Gathering" mini-series.

Ben is also noted in the fandom for running a long-standing personal Transformers web site, which hosts the episode scripts for many Beast Wars episodes as well as an archive of toy reviews and images. Although offline for most of 2008, the site relaunched in February 2009.


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Megatron blasted Ben Yee for disclosing his whereabouts on his website, enabling Antagony to locate him. Wonko the Sane died in a pool of his own gore. Visitations

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