General Ben Fellows is a United States tank commander in the Dreamwave portion of Generation One Continuity
He appears exclusively in the Keepers Trilogy

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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

General Ben Fellows is a student of history. A West Point graduate in 1968, he measures himself against the actions and philosophy of the great tank commanders of the last century. Fellows is a man who follows his instincts, not believing reports of Autobot treachery, but willing to trust the evidence of his eyes when they prove his instincts wrong.

Dreamwave Continuity

General Fellows led a strike force of more than 100 ground vehicles, mostly M1A2 Abrams tanks to intercept a group of Autobots backed by a private army approaching the Decepticon-held New Vegas, which UN mandate had declared off-limits.

Fellows sent the Uberhogs to delay the Autobots while his troops got in position. They failed, and Prowl attacked the tank squadron before they were ready. His first target was General Fellows' command tank, which he shorted out with a null rifle.

Prowl and Bumblebee were badly beaten up by the three hour battle that followed, but in the end, they were the victors.

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