The future is decided.

Detailed synopsis

With the Cybertronian war and the threat of Galvatron finally ended, representatives from each planet converge on Cybertron - Scourge from the Jungle Planet, Metroplex from Gigantion, Override from the Speed Planet, and Colonel Franklin, ambassador for Earth, "greeted by none other than Optimus Prime." They sit down for the first intergalactic peace conference, and start off with the issue of what to do with the Cyber Planet Keys. Optimus Prime proposes that they be used to create a space bridge, connecting their worlds not only to one another, but to all worlds in the corners of the universe.

The proposal is well-met, and Prime volunteers to lead the construction crew, leaving leadership of Cybertron to Jetfire. The crew prepares for takeoff, to be joined by a select group of human astronauts, "and one friendly professor." Everyone groups together to give Prime their tearful farewells before he takes off, promising to come back again. Around this time, Thundercracker investigates a rocket taking off, finding it to be full of "the new Decepticons," who are already tired of the peaceful new age. They promptly grab him and make him part of their group once again, blasting off into the sky.

The main theme accompanies the final takeoff, sweeping across crowds of people and characters, be they waving goodbye or blasting off to parts unknown. Optimus Prime, seeing the image of Vector Prime somewhere out in space, sends everyone off with a stirring speech as they set out to bridge the cosmos.

'Til all are one.


"I think I've only got seven lives left.."

Leobreaker after losing a wrestling match with Scourge.

Crumplezone: "Man, it's always pretty boys like Hot Shot that win."
Ransack: "Yeah, and I was trying to impress the ladies!"
Thunderblast: "There's nothing you can ever do to impress me."
Ransack: "CZ! Why didn't ya tell me she was behind me?"
Crumplezone: "Aw, give it up Ransack. She's not interested in little guys like you."
Ransack: "Some friend you are, wide load!!"
Crumplezone: "Wide load?!?!?"
[punch fight]

"I hate emotional goodbyes."
"What could be emotional about—saying goodbye to you?"

Leobreaker and Scourge, who is about to burst into tears.

"Fire up the engines to full throttle! We have a course set to the far reaches of the universe, and it's time to go! Courage, hope for the future, and teamwork—our adventure will continue as long as we remember the words of Primus: 'Til all are one!"

Optimus Prime and everyone go forth.


Written by:  ???
Original airdate: 2006???

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Pain count

  • "Cyber key power!": ???

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  • Toward the end of the episode, Rad White, Carlos Lopez, Alexis and Kicker are all watching the starships take off, with images of characters from the series they appeared in behind them—the Street Action Mini-Con Team for the former three, and Hot Shot, in his Energon body, with Kicker (despite the fact that Ironhide would have been a more logical choice). These scenes were not present in the original Galaxy Force airing of the episode and were specifically added for the Cybertron dub to tie it closer to the previous series of the Unicron Trilogy. This is most obvious when looking at Kicker, whose new design to represent his aging doesn't exactly jive with the other human characters in this series.
  • This is the final Unicron Trilogy episode, which wraps up the whole continuity and had started with "First Encounter".
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