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Beetle is a Predacon in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.... No, wait, that'd be Beatle. My bad.

Beetle turns into a stag beetle, by gum!

Note: What he's like (and what his name is) depends on whether you read English or Japanese.
Japanese name: Insecticon



His name's Insecticon and he's the Predacon's Insect Soldier. Fighting in deep forests is his strong point, and he's a master of surprise attacks. Beast Wars Perfect Book

IDW Beast Wars comics

Beetle is a strange, twisted little robot. When other Predacons downsized during the Great Upgrade Beetle took it to the extreme and went micro-sized. Antisocial to his core, anything that distances him from other Cybertronians is right up his alley. Beetle cares nothing for the Predacons, but loves the arts of torture and interrogation, and since the Maximals are unlikely to sanction his sick passions he's willing to tolerate the larger Predacons. Beetle is the type of interrogator most to be feared: he doesn't care in the least what information you might have, he just wants to find the worst, most painful ways to make you share it all. Beast Wars Sourcebook 1


Beast Wars

  • Beetle (McDonald's Happy Meal toy, 1996)
Part of the first McDonald's Beast Wars promotion, Beetle transforms into a stag beetle. His head bears a distinct likeness to the gator-body version of Megatron. His body and transformation, on the other hand, bear a resemblance to Insecticon, though he's not colored at all like either of them.
He's made of considerably softer plastic than most of the other toys even in the promo, making him nice and safe for little ones to chew on.


  • Note that Beetle being named "Insecticon" in Japan does not make him another version of Beast Wars Insecticon, as the latter's name was "Kuwagaiger" in that country.

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