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BW Special "movie"

Beast Wars Special Super Lifeform Transformers was a triple-feature theatrical movie released only in Japan.


The Beast Wars Special was composed of three individual segments.

Clash! Beast Warriors

The first segment, known as "Clash! Beast Warriors", was a narrated clip-show recapping the events of the first season of Beast Wars. The clip show was narrated by various characters and included scenes from episodes specifically selected for their importance or entertainment value. After the clip show covered up through the end of season 1, Megatron and Optimus Primal described the events of "Coming of the Fuzors", making way for the upcoming Beast Wars Metals series.

Bad Spark

The second segment, titled Beast Wars Metals, was the second season episode Bad Spark was shown afterward as a showcase for the then-unreleased and highly-anticipated Beast Wars Metals TV series. The episode was shown undubbed, in its original English language, with no Japanese subtitles.

Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger

Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger was shown as the final segment in the film. Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger was an original 45-minute film told through cel-animation using the cast from Beast Wars II. Optimus Primal made a special surprise guest-appearance, as well.

In space near Gaea, the Seacon pirate ship fires on DJ. DJ blows a trumpet to alert the other Jointron Brothers, who quickly arrive. The Jointrons fire on the Seacon ship, to which the Seacons respond by flying off the ship and merging into God Neptune. The Jointron Brothers merge into Tripledacus and prepare to fight. However, a giant alien ship intervenes. The ship slams directly into God Neptune and causes him to split into his five components. The side of the ship contacts Tripledacus, and the Jointrons are sent flying into space like the Seacons. The ship continues its journey towards Gaea. On Gaea, the Cybertrons view the ship from its monitors and are alarmed at the ship. Meanwhile, Galvatron is quite elated that the ship has arrived. He feels its purpose here will suit him well.

The alien ship lands in an icy region of Gaea. The Cybertrons have located the crash location. Lioconvoy must decide who to send to investigate. Lio Junior insists on going, but the elder Cybertrons resist the choice. Tasmanian Kid informs Lioconvoy that he will go along with Lio Junior and supervise him. Along with Santon and Skywarp, Tasmanian Kid and Lio Junior take off for the icy region. Upon arrival at the ship, the Cybertrons enter the alien device and walk into some sort of control room. Lio Junior starts pushing buttons on certain panels of the control room, while Skywarp attempts to undo whatever Lio Junior pushed. As the two argue and Kid and Santon attempt to intervene, the panels light up and report that the teleportation gate is set once the control unit is inserted. The control unit descends from the ceiling. As Lio Junior is about to grab it, Max B crashes into the ship and grabs the key. He jumps right out of the ship, where Hellscream, Thrustol, and Dirgegun are waiting. Max B hands the control unit to Hellscream.

Lio Junior is furious and follows Max B out of the ship, against the wishes of his comrades. Hellscream shoots him with an energy blast that knocks him against the side of an icy mountain. The other three Cybertrons appear outside and Lio Junior urges Santon and Skywarp to merge with him to form Magnaboss. However, his combiner comrades are worried about his immaturity and refuse to merge with him. Lio Junior then continue to battle Hellscream. As Max B intervenes in the fight, Hellscream drops the control unit. Lio Junior slides on the ice and grabs the control unit. However, Hellscream creates a blast the forces Lio Junior against the icey mountain wall again. This time, Hellscream fires a missile at Lio Junior. As it is about to hit Lio Junior, Kid jumps in the way of the missile. With a gaping hole in his chest, Kid falls to the ground. The Destrons continue to pummel the Cybertrons as Lio Junior shields Kid from additional fire.

Lioconvoy and the rest of the Cybertrons soon appear onsite and easily force the Destrons to retreat. As the Cybertrons take Kid back to the base to save him, Lioconvoy pulls Lio Junior aside to talk to him. Lioconvoy tells him that the Cybertrons are here to protect the planet, not to cause havoc recklessly. Lio Junior argues that the battle allowed them to hold the control unit, which may be the key to defeating the Destrons. Lio Junior then runs away, believing he has no friends left on the Cybertron side. At the Destron ship, Galvatron listens over the report he received from the Autorollers at the alien ship. They report that they must have the control unit to activate the transporter.

Lio Junior continues to run in a snow covered forest. Galvatron, in drill mode, soon plows his way out of the ground in front of Lio Junior. Galvatron transforms to robot mode and attempts to tell Lio Junior that the Destrons could protect them from the dangers of Gaea, provided that he provide the control unit to them. Galvatron then lies, and explains that the ship is a planetary destruction device and that he would need the control unit to stop the ship from destroying Gaea. As Lio Junior starts to believe Galvatron, Kid (with his chest heavily bandaged) appears and tells Lio Junior not to believe Galvatron. However, Lio Junior sees this as an opportunity to impress Lioconvoy. He marches off with Galvatron to the alien ship. Meanwhile, the Destrons fire at Kid and knock him unconscious. Inside the ship, Galvatron takes the control unit from Lio Junior and then explains his true bring Megatron through the gate! (Note: Galvatron wanted to bring Beast Wars Megatron through the gate, but it should be noted that BW Megatron was the same as G1 Megatron in Japan). The Destrons then take Lio Junior and lock him up in a cell.

At the Cybertron base, Kid awakens and informs the Cybertrons where Lio Junior went. The Cybertrons are fuming, but Kid recalls that he too was once a young warrior seeking approval from his peers. At the alien ship, the Destrons insert the control unit into the control panel. A section of the ship detaches and rises towards the sky. The detached unit forms a triangle in the sky, in which a portal opens. Soon, a giant mechanical robot drops from the sky. At first, Galvatron is upset that Megatron has not been transported. However, his dismay disappears as he discovers that the being sent is far stronger than Megatron. The being sent was the Destron Fortress, Majin Zarak! The Destrons board the fortress and proceed to head towards a mountain in the sea. Galvatron fires at the mountain with Majin Zarak and destroys the mountain in one shot! Majin Zarak then transforms into an aircraft carrier and heads towards the Cybertron base. Meanwhile, the Cybertrons view the arrival of the fortress over the monitor and recognize the new foe and all dangers that come with him. They depart in a shuttle to battle the new foe.

The carrier is approaching solid land, but it doesn't prevent its further motion. The carrier travels on dry land! As a Cybertron shuttle approaches, Majin Zarak opens fire. In his cell, Lio Junior bends the wires and manages to squeeze of ot the cell. Dirgegun and Thrustol see him escaping and follow chase. As they chase him in the canyon, Santon and Skywarp arrive and provide assistance to Lio Junior. The three merge to form Magnaboss and set out to reach the alien ship. However, Thrustol fires a missile at the combiner and it hits him in the chest. Damaged, the Cybertron still proceeds to the base while Thrustol escapes with Dirgegun.

Inside the alien ship, Magnaboss tries to get the control panel to respond but it appears to be out of power. Magnaboss then plug his own power source into the control panel and activates it. The surge knocks Magnaboss unconscious, as a mysterious figure enveloped in yellow appears through the transporter.

On Majin Zarak, Hellscream is elated as he can take off on the aircraft carrier just like he used to when he was a jet. Soon, the Cybertrons approach and attack. The Autorollers attempt to defend Majin Zarak first, to be defeat by Apache. Hellscream is defeated by a combined attack from Bighorn and Diver. Scuba knocks Autojetter from the air using his boomerang attack. Lioconvoy approaches Majin Zarak while Galvatron unleashes its firepower upon him. Lioconvoy avoids the firepower and jumps on the carrier. Using his lion typhoon attack, he knocks Gigastorm off the carrier. Left alone, Galvatron does not worry. He orders Majin Zarak to transform into his monsterous mode.

Majin Zarak fires a huge blast that scatters the Cybertrons and injures several of them (Lioconvoy included). Galvatron believes he has achieved victory, but soon sees a message in the sky. The messaged is signed by "Convoy" and invites him to meet him for a showdown. Lioconvoy, injured and buried, sees this message too. He enters a spiritual plane and talks to Convoy (Note: Like with BW Megatron, Beast Wars Convoy is G1 Convoy in Japan). Convoy explains that Magnaboss brought him to this world to help the Cybertrons. The conversation re-energizes Lioconvoy and he breaks out of the rubble. Magnaboss and the rest of the Cybertrons are there waiting for him. Convoy soon joins them to discuss a plan of action. While Diver and Scuba determine a weak point in Majin Zarak, the other Cybertrons will attack. Above Majin Zarak, the Insectrons monitor the fortress' movements.

As Majin Zarak approaches a box canyon, the Cybertrons begin their attack. Angered that he was fooled, Galvatron attempts to turn the carrier around. Its forward progress is impeded by Magnaboss, who is able to overturn the carrier with the aid of Kid. As the carrier tips over, Galvatron falls out. However, Gigastorm arrives in base mode and catches Galvatron. Majin Zarak, however, is not defeated. The fortress comes alive and transforms into its monsterous mode once again. Meanwhile, Scuba and Diver have determined that the third eye is the monster's weakness. Destroy the third eye and you will destroy Majin Zarak. Magnaboss attempt to slash the third eye with his sword, but the attack only bounces off Majin Zarak. Majin Zarak uses his full arsenal of firepower against the Cybertrons, and then calls lightning from the sky.

Convoy and Lioconvoy then join their powers and become Burning Convoy and Flash Lioconvoy. They transform to their beast modes and Burning Convoy rides Flash Lioconvoy up onto Majin Zarak. As they approach the eye, Burning Convoy jumps and transforms to robot mode. He hits the third eye and damages it. The two Convoys regroup and join their Matrix Energies to fire one huge shot at the monster. The blast envelops the entire beast. Burning Convoy and Flash Lioconvoy then fly at Majin Zarak with their fists joined together. They punch through the third eye all the way through the back of the fortress's head! A huge explosion rips the area and Majin Zarak is destroyed.

After the battle, the Cybertrons thank Convoy for his assistance and guidance in the battle. However, Convoy says he must return to Energois (Note: In the Japanese version of Beast Wars, the Cybertrons/Maximals fought on Energois, not Earth). After Convoy transports back to Energois, the Cybertrons destroy the portal to ensure that the fabric of space and time is not destroyed and to ensure that evil will never enter through the portal again.

The Cybertrons celebrate another victory but know that war is not over.