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Beast Wars Reborn was a (very small) Japanese Transformer franchise from 2006. The only toys released for Beast Wars Reborn were retools of the original Ultra toys of Optimus Primal and Megatron.


Bwreborn text

Er—wasn't this a Beast Wars story?

A 4-part text story set after the events of Beast Machines ran in Figure Oh! magazine in late 2007 ties to the re-release of the original Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron figures.

  1. The Mysterious Temple in Space
  2. Master of the Game
  3.  ?
  4.  ?


  • Convoy vs. Megatron
    • Japanese ID number: BWR-01
    • Accessories: (Convoy) Two swords, four missiles, flail, (Megatron) Two missiles, water squirter

For the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars, Takara retooled the original 1996 Ultra-sized Optimus Primal Megatron toys, giving each a new head sculpt and a new paint scheme based on the appearances of the CGI models used in the Beast Wars television series.

A Golden Disk CD-ROM that contains control art for a number of Beast Wars toys was included as well.

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Though it is meant to follow Beast Machines, the presence of Vector Prime and Soundblaster imply a relation to Transformers Cybertron. Fun Publications's Transformers Collectors' Club issue 12 lists this continuity as an offshoot of the Unicron Trilogy, while Takara was busy trying to explain how Cybertron is and isn't part of any prior continuity. Guess who else gets the blame. Whether this explains Sky Shadow's story is inconclusive.

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