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Beast Wars Neo was the second Japanese-only Beast Wars franchise, consisting of the following components:

Unlike the Beast Wars II toyline, which consisted almost entirely of redecoes (and the occasional retool), Beast Wars Neo was largely composed of all new original molds with only a few reused American Beast Wars toys to fill them out. The Maximals have organic beast modes of mostly present day animals (with the exception of the Mammoth Big Convoy), while the Predacons featured mainly extinct/prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs.

The cartoon series aired exclusively in Japan between season one of Beast Wars and seasons two and three, in order to fill the gap until the later seasons could be dubbed into Japanese. It followed (and was a semi-sequel to) Beast Wars II. Of note is the fact that the Beast Wars Neo manga was considerably more different from its anime counterpart than BW2's had been.

Years later, IDW worked the characters from Beast Wars Neo and at least some version of the events of the anime into their Beast Wars comic continuity.


  • The appearances of some toys in Beast Wars Neo are based on certain characters from X-men. [citation needed]
  • The series was never dubbed in English.

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