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A number of comics set in the continuity of the Beast Wars cartoon have been published since the show's end, most notably two mini-series and a profile book by IDW comics.

Convention Comics

3H Botcon comics

The first post-cartoon Beast Wars material. When 3H held the rights to the Botcon they produced a number of stories set in and around the Beast Wars and Beast Machines cartoons, mostly (but not exclusively) featuring their own exclusive toy/characters. Eventually these folded together with all the other 3H storylines into the Transformers: Universe comics.

Fun Publication Timelines comics

Fun Publications Timelines imprint (2005 — ) has published several Beast Wars comics and text stories.

Retail Comics


A single pack-in mini-comic was included in the original Optimus Primal/Megatron 2-pack in 1996.

Dreamwave comics

Dreamwave Productions planned a Beast Wars comic book series entitled Shell Game, but the company declared bankruptcy in 2004 with only one 'sneak-peak' story published. A framing sequence to Dreamwave's G1 profile series featuring BW Megatron establishes that Dreamwave's version of the Beast Wars has some significant divergences from the original cartoon.

IDW comics

Though not a part of their main continuity, IDW comics picked up the ball from Dreamwave and has published two Beast Wars miniseries and a profile book. This continuity is notable for including not only all US released toys and characters but also the vast majority of Japanese Beast Wars characters. Events parallel to but notably distinct from those of the Japanese Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo cartoons were also worked into the backstory of this universe.

Given the large number of distinct events added to the timeline's backstory in this continuity it may be helpful to consult Beast Wars timeline (IDW)

Items of Note

  • Though they share characters and both weave around the Beast Wars cartoon, the 3H and IDW comics have shown no indication that they are in continuity with each other.
  • The planned Dreamwave Beast Wars comic is believed to be very similar to the later IDW series, which would be produced by the same writer and artist. The full script to issue #1 was eventually made public in December 2007.[1]


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