The "Masterpiece" line is a series of Transformers created by Takara to update a character's G1 toy with today's advanced engineering techniques. "Masterpiece" Transformers tend to be very expensive, with an average price of 10000 yen (roughly $80 at current conversion rates). Currently, the Masterpieces appear to be on a bi-yearly rotation, with a new being released in the spring or the fall.

MP-1 - Convoy

This toy is the Japanese equivalent of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime.

MP-2 - Ultra Magnus

MP-3 - Starscream

MP-4 - Convoy Perfect Edition

MP-5 - Megatron

MP-6 - Skywarp

Additionally, Takara is releasing their own version of Hasbro's G1 colored Masterpiece Starscream with reduced weathering details.

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