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Beast Hunters issue 3 is the third installment in the Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters comic series.

Plot: Grimlock and Swoop are hit close to home when they run afoul of the otherworldly leftovers of one of Shockwave's experiments.


Swoop is really excited to be going on a two-man patrol of the tunnels beneath Cybertron alongside Grimlock, but his leader seems to be regretting his choice of partner as the aerial Dinobot's incessant chattering is causing him to lose patience. Presently, the pair come across a contingent of Forged soldiers guarding something, and Swoop immediately charges into action, taking out a few of the warriors before being shot down. Grimlock subdues the rest of the Forged, and after chastizing Swoop for his rashness, turns his attention to figuring out what they were guarding. The pair dismantle a large pile of scrap barricading the entrance to the mystery (Grimlock quietly refusing to adopt his unstable alternate mode to do so) and prise open the huge, armored doors that they uncover. Feeling the floor crunch beneath his feet, Swoop discovers that strange organic material litters the room, while Grimlock accesses a nearby computer terminal and restores power to the area, revealing it to be an expansive complex.

Meanwhile, in the Autobot outpost of Last Spark, Snarl grumbles to Sludge about the frosty reception they continue to receive from the locals, despite their assistance in the clean-up of the destruction caused by Airwave. Firestar assures them the help is appreciated; it's just that the inhabitants of Last Spark are not used to having hope. An eager, fast-talking young Autobot named Zoom comes running up, expressing his thanks to the Dinobots and requesting that he be allowed to join them on patrol some time, but Sludge transforms into his dinosaur mode to give the kid a little scare and convince him he's not ready to play with the big boys just yet.

Investigating further, Grimlock and Swoop realize that the complex they have discovered is one of Shockwave's abandoned labs. Swoop finds more of the organic substance (unaware that he is looking at large bones), while Grimlock examines the shattered tubes that line the lab, noting that they have been broken open from within. Swoop finds an intact tube and tries to peer inside, against Grimock's advice... at which point the tube bursts open, releasing a huge Tyrannosaurus rex! Swoop notes the alien creature's similarity to Grimlock even as his leader transforms to dino-mode and engages the beast in battle. As the prehistoric punch-up kicks off, Swoop's attention to drawn to three more tubes, and he can only watch as they crack open and disgorge a Triceratops, a Stegosaurus, and a Pteranodon!


  • Airwave's appearance is as a lifeless corpse being carried by Snarl.
  • The Pteranodon that appears on the final page is colored blue, with a yellow beak and red crest, in homage to Generation 1 Swoop's coloration in the original cartoon.
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