Beagle 2

I wonder what happened to Beagle 1?

The Beagle 2 Rover is an American space probe in the Movie continuity family.

Beagle 2 Rover was an exploration craft launched by ESA, developed in the United Kingdom, to search for life on Mars. It disappeared under mysterious circumstances.


Transformers film

The Beagle 2 successfully deployed on Mars, and operated for a few short moments, transmitting live images of the Martian surface to Earth. Then, without warning, a massive shadow appeared on its camera, and all transmissions ceased.

The official report stated that when Beagle 2's parachute and airbag systems failed to deploy properly, the craft crashed into the planet surface. The mission was deemed a failure... or so Sector Seven would have you believe.

Once the threat of giant robots from space became clear, the President ordered Sector Seven's agent Tom Banachek to brief Defense Secretary Keller of what really happened. Banachek disclosed that the rover had in fact transmitted thirteen seconds of footage, including its own destruction by a large humanoid creature. Transformers (film)

It was the only warning we would ever get.


In real life, the Beagle 2 craft had a lander but not a rover, it wasn't a NASA project, the guy counting in the trailer should have been speaking German, and we can't get live streaming video from Mars.

All of these supposed inaccuracies might be due to Sector Seven's campaign of misinformation. Or not.

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