Beacon is a Mini-Con from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

I smell beacon!!!

Beacon is one of the many power-enhancing Mini-Cons who help the Autobots search the galaxy for raw Energon deposits. Teamed with Lens and Quantum, the trio can form the powerful Blizzard Saber weapon.



  • Beacon (Micron Booster, 2004)
    • Booster ID number: 6

Beacon beacon beacon beacon beacon!

Beacon is a redeco of the Energon Saber Mini-Con Wreckage, transforming into a Cybertronic starship, as well as forming the tip of the Blizzard Saber sword. He was sold as part of the second Micron Booster assortment in Japan, in individual, blind-packed boxes so you did not know which Mini-Con you got until you opened the box and opaque black plastic bag inside.
The same mold is also used by Cybertron Sunstorm. The original version of the mold is used by Jackknife and Runway.


  • Like most of the Micron Boosters, Beacon's name is based on a word similar to the name of his original mold; in Japan, Wreckage is known as "Laser".

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