Of the two Duocons, Battletrap is the sane one. In contrast to Flywheels, whose two components are constantly bickering, Battletrap uses the two separate vehicles of his alternate mode in concert with each other. He likes to play with his target in the way a housecat might play with a rodent - that is, if said housecat happened to have a separate avian part of itself that could fly like a hummingbird.

French name (Canada): Guétapens



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Battletrap and his Duocon partner Flywheels engaged in a brief battle against Ultra Magnus and the Sparkabots while on a regular patrol. He was so afraid of the rumors of "the walking dead" in Kalis, though, that he abandoned Flywheels to the Autobots instead of crossing into that city-state. City of Fear! Battletrap was later a member of the original Mayhem Attack Squad, and took part in their joint mission with the Wreckers to destroy Galvatron in the Time Wars. He is one of the first warriors to fall during the battle, his chest torn open by Galvatron before being smashed against a wall. Time Wars

Despite his apparent "death", Battletrap later appeared on Cybertron during the battle with Unicron. He survived, and also narrowly escaped death at the hands of subterranean Cybertronian monsters shortly after, though his buddy Runabout wasn't so lucky. On the Edge of Extinction!

He then regularly appeared as one of Bludgeon's more prominent warriors, up until the Decepticons went into temporary exile after the conflict on Klo. End of the Road!

Another Time and Place

Battletrap was part of the raid on Hydrus Four by Bludgeon and his army. After the Autobots arrived, he allegedly was about to shoot Sunstreaker in the back, but was shot down instead by Optimus Prime. Another Time and Place

Note: The text piece described Sunstreaker as being menaced by "Battletrap in tank mode". Battletrap doesn't HAVE a tank mode. Maybe this is another clue that Battletrap and Flywheels' names were mixed up early on, but more likely it was supposed to be Quake, another prominent member of Bludgeon's Decepticons.

Generation 2

In the first battle between the two generations of Decepticons, Battletrap was badly wounded and had to be carried back to safety inside of Warworld. He is not seen again. New Dawn

Japanese cartoon continuity

Generation 1 cartoon

The Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Hirohiko Kakegawa (Japan)

Battletrap, along with Flywheels, was affiliated with MegaZarak's palace guard.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Generation One

  • Battletrap (Duocon, 1987)
  • Japanese ID number: D-96
  • Accessories: "Double-Barreled Assault Missile Launcher"

His incredible articulation allows him to.. uh... headbutt his opponents into submission?

As a Duocon, Battletrap has a single robot which splits into two separate vehicles. When separated, the robot transforms into a simplified gray AH-64 Apache helicopter and a blue Ford F-150 camper truck. In robot mode, he has a gray double-barreled rifle that mounts on his shoulder.
Please, Hasbro, please make another toy of this guy.


  • Because of the lack of any wheels on "Flywheels" it has been suggested that his and Battletrap's names were accidentally switched in production. In fact, when they are first introduced in The Headmasters, their name captions are swapped around, which further adds to this theory.

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