This article is about the Autobot subgroup. For the Generation One manga in which they appear, see The Battlestars.

The Battlestars are an Autobot subgroup from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

From left to right: Sixliner, Grandus and Sky Garry (Not pictured: Galactica)

The Battlestars are considered the Autobots' cream-of-the-crop; a team composed of the faction's most skilled and competent warriors.

The Battlestars consist of:

Star Convoy, Sky Garry and Grandus can combine in vehicle modes to form the Triple Combination Battlestar Attack.


The Battlestars

The Battlestars were first organized by Dai Atlas, the Supreme Commander at the time. Dai Atlas inaugurated Sky Garry as temporary Supreme Commander and charged him with the task of resurrecting Optimus Prime via the Zodiac to battle the evil forces of Dark Nova. After a skirmish with zombie False Convoy, the Battlestars brought Optimus Prime back to life as Star Convoy.

The Battlestars faced the forces of Dark Nova and the resurrected Super Megatron until their eventual victory over the Star Giant.

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