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The battle begins when Cade, Shane, Crosshairs, Tessa, Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, and Optimus Prime arrive in Hong Kong in a stolen Knights Temenos Transport. They are attempting to get the seed from Joshua and into the ship when a prototype sent by Galvatron shoots the ship, causing it to tumble and crash. Cade, Shane, Tessa, Hound, and Bumblebee fall out onto a building. The prototypes being shooting them, while Hound and Bumblebee shoot back. Cade, Tessa, Joshua and Shane are trying to find a place to hide when James spots them and trys to shoot them with a pistol. They luckily get in an elevator, but Cade runs out as a distraction to save the others.

Meanwhile, Optimus finds a Sword, and cuts the Dinobots free. He asks them to join him or die. Grimlock is enraged and attempts to fight Optimus. Optimus is too quick and avoids him. Grimlock transforms and charges at Optimus. Optimus swiftly smashes his head with his shield and Grimlock collapses behind him. Optimus jumps on his back, while Crosshairs and Drift ride on Strafe and Slug.

Back at Hong-kong, Cade parkours down a building with James close at his heels. James unfortunately catches up and grabs Cade and pushes him through a window of an apartment. The two have a bloody fist fight in the apartment using household objects as weapons. But Cade, luckily spots a football and lands a direct hit on Jame's head just before he could have knifed him. James is distracted long enough for Cade to ram him out the window, where James falls to his death.

Lockdown arrives in the Knights Temenos and activates the magnet. China calls in its air force for support, but their missiles do no damage to the ship. Optimus arrives with the Dinobots and the Autobots and go on a shot rampage through town, ripping up prototypes. However, the Knights Temenos begins picking up ships with its magnet and dropping them over them. The Dinobots and the Autobots escape, and regroup at the city, where Optimus chews Joshua out for nearly causing Humans to go extinct. Shane, Tessa, Cade, and Joshua find a car and use it to drive through Hong Kong. Unfortunately a tracking beacon is activated by Lockdown on Joshua's seed, leading Lockdown right too them. The Knights Temenos chases after them, dropping huge freight ships over the city they're driving through. They just avoid the debris when they park in a small garage. The magnet lifts their car, and everyone but Shane jumps out in time. Shane is lift up out of the garage, where he jumps in time to land inside the garage . The car is dropped back in, and destroyed by the impact.

The Dinobots and the Autobots destroy several prototypes, while Bumblebee has a duel with Stinger on top of Strafes back. The two shoot each other until Strafe hits a building and the 3 tumble down the side of the skyscraper. Bumblebee shoots Stinger repeatedly in the chest, and decapitates him with a shot to the neck. Bumblebee feeds Strafe Stingers head.

The Knights Temenos begins to pass bye again, lifting the Dinobots and the Autobots into the air. They attempt to grab onto nearby buildings, but are not strong enough to hang on. Optimus shoots several rockets into the magnet with his shield, destroying the magnet and dropping the Dinobots back onto the ground. Lockdown, now enraged, jumps out of the ship and duels Optimus. Cade runs over and assist Optimus in fighting Lockdown, even though Optimus told him not too. But Harold arrives and shoots at Cade. Harold luckily misses, but then walks over and is about to shoot Cade when Optimus pauses fighting Lockdown and briefly shoots at Harold with his cannon. Harold was immediately killed. Lockdown grabs Optimus's sword, and stabs Optimus in the chest up against a building, pinning Optimus to the building. Cade attacks just in time, and Lockdown fights back, but Cade is too small and quick, and Lockdown cant kill him. Shane and Tessa arrive and grab some cables and hook it up to a pickup. They circle around Lockdown, causing him to trip. However, Lockdown quickly gets up and rises his knife to stab Cade. Optimus rips the sword out at that moment and stabs Lockdown in the back. Optimus lifts the sword upwards, ripping Lockdown in half. Optimus grabs the humans and sets off one of the grenades. Optimus jetpacks off and the grenade explodes, killing the remaining prototypes.

Galvatron escapes, claiming he has been "reborn".

The Last Knight

Despite Optimus Prime and his team's heroic actions, most of the governments on Earth have declared transformers outlawed, and the international Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) had been formed to destroy the alien robots. Cade Yeager also became a fugitive due to his affiliation with the Autobots, however, despite his status as a fugitive, Cade defended his actions, stating that unlike the rest of the world, he did not lose faith in cybertronians in general, as he knows that they are both good and evil cybertronians.

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