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The battle of Chicago is a huge battle consisting of Humans and Autobots VS the Decepticons. It started after Sentinel Prime activated the Pillars to teleport his Decepticon army to earth.

The battle starts at Washington D.C where Sentinel prime activates the Space bridge to the moon, where hundreds of Decepticons and their ships go through and arrive on earth. They spread out and scan their vehicles forms, and hide throughout the planet. Optimus fights Sentinel, but loses. Sentinel spares him, for now.

2 days later, the Decepticons and ships arrive in Chicago and begin attacking it. They spend all night terrorizing the city, shooting buildings and killing civilians, destroying the city. The next morning, Sam meets Epps and together they gather up their old military buddies while they arrive at Chicago to save Carly. Ignoring the several civilians telling them to turn back, they enter the city. They begin to walk down an alleyway when they see two jets shot down. They begin to have second thoughts when suddenly a Medium Fighter flys out and begins shooting civilians. The fighter flys low and reconfigures right above Sam and Epps. It flys up again, but is shot down by a missile. Sam and Epps turn around, and Optimus is standing there, their savior. The Wreckers then walk out and rip the pilot apart, while the rest of the Autobots arrive. They explain to Sam that they never died in the Xanthium, they escaped. Sam and Bumblebee then use the fighter to enter the city.

Meanwhile, Carly watches Sentinel and finds out that Megatron is second in command, not first, where she gets an idea. Meanwhile, NEST rounds up many soldiers and uses V-22 Opsrey Helicopters to get them into the city. Unfortunately, a Small Fighter flys by, and shoots one down, the helicopter collides with another, destroying them both. The other Helicopters fly into the city and use the Willis Tower for cover. Starscream spots them, and uses his saw to destroy a helicopter. The NEST Jump-suiters jump out, but several are killed or hit by falling helicopters because of Starscream. The jump-suiters glide deeper into the city, as the helicopters are destroyed. However, 2 small fighters spot them, and pursue them. They open fire, but the jump-suiters are too quick for them. Unfortunately, one jump-suiter slows down, and gets shot down by a fighter. The others fly into a fallen building, and the fighters follow, however, the opening is too small, and the fighters are destroyed by the impact. The jump-suiters survive, land, and group up.

Meanwhile, Sam and Bumblebee arrive at Dylan's building, where Sam enters and sneaks in, where he finds Dylan and ask him where Carly is. Laserbeak transformers, grabs Sam, and throws him out the window. Dylan walks away, but then turns around to see Sam riding the fighter calling for Carly. She jumps on, just before the hijacked fighter aims all of its guns at Dylan's building. Dylan ducks, but after Bumblebee rips up Dylans floor with the fighters machine guns. Laserbeak flys towards it, then tosses a UAV drone into the engine, and begins fighting Sam. Sam grabs Laserbeak by the neck, and tells Bumblebee to fire. he does, and the shot decapitates Laserbeak. The fighter crashes, while Sam and Carly find the NEST Soldiers.

Later, the Wreckers find Shockwave and they open fire on him. However, Shockwave fights back, and the Wreckers evacuate. They unfortunately forgot Wheelie and Brains, which being to run from Shockwave. Bumblebee, Wheeljack, and Dino are unfortunately captured by Barricade, Soundwave, and several other Decepticons. Dylan tells them to kill them, while Soundwave agrees. Soundwave decides to kill Wheeljack first, while he pushes him into the open. Wheeljack try's to tell Soundwave if they could just sort it out, but hes sadly shot twice, where he dies. Soundwave then try's to shoot Bumblebee, while Sam try's to activate one of Wheeljack's Boomsticks, but it doesn't work. Bumblebee is about to be killed, until a falling fighter nearly smashes Soundwave, dropped by Wheelie and Brains. They stole Bumblebee's hijacked fighter, flew into a carrier ship, and were messing around with it. They dropped the fighters on the Decepticons, while Bumblebee kills Soundwave, and Barricade is killed by a falling fighter.

Sam and Carly go to hide, but Starscream finds them. He goes after Sam, who hides in a bus. Starscream flips the bus, then cuts it. Sam runs, but slips. He then puts on Wheeljack's Grapple Glove, and fires it at Starscream's eye. he screams and flails Sam around everywhere, which is still hooked to Starscream's eye. Starscream jet-packs, screams and kicks everywhere, trying to get Sam off. He eventually throws Sam into a window, while Sam activates a Boomstick. He grabs it, and stabs it into Starscream's other eye, Now blind, Starscream is screaming and trying to kick Sam. NEST Soldiers arrive and shoot Starscream. Lennox tries to get Sam off, but Starscream was flailing too viciously. Bumblebee then arrives, grabs Sam and Lennox, and drives them away from Starscream, who blows up, and falls off the building.

Sentinel realizes that the Autobots are trying to destroy the pillars, so he activates them immediately. They slowly rise into space, where they form a space bridge that transports Cybertron near Earth, slowly flying towards it.

Megatron orders several fighters to attack Optimus, and he is quickly overwhelmed. NEST calls a U.S battleship, which fires multiple long-rang missiles at the fighters, destroying half of the Decepticons fighters.

Meanwhile, Sam, Carly, Epps, and other soldiers gather up onto a skyscraper to shoot at the Pillars, too get a good shot. They climb to the top, and load the RPG. However, some Large Fighters begin shooting the tower, trying to topple the whole building. They stop, but more fighters come to investigate. The team hides inside, while a curious Decepticon pilot jumps inside. He looks around, but luckily doesn't see any of them. They throw some chairs to distract him, then chuck grenades at his feet. They distract him long enough to jump out the window and slide down the length of the building. They are nearing the end of it, while Epps tells them to shoot the glass. They do so, and they slide into the windows again and slide through the building. However, the lower floors are much more decimated, and it is harder to stand. The team slides down trying to stand up. They grab onto nearby objects and cords hanging form the ceiling, but one soldier is unlucky and falls out the window to his death. Below, Shockwave notices the shrapnel pushed out the window by the team and spots them. Epps lets the team know Shockwave sees them, until Shockwave sends Driller. Driller proceeds and drills into the building. He slowly climbs upwards to the center of the building and begins to crush it, splitting the building in two. The team, in the upper-half, begin to fall again, while Driller completely splits the building. The top half crashes onto a nearby building, making a bridge. Driller drills into it, looking for the team, Luckily, Optimus jetpacks in and fights off Driller, until cutting his head off, killing Driller.

Shockwave fires at Optimus in anger, which hits him, and causes him to fly into a construction site, tangled in the cranes. The Wreckers rush to help him. Meanwhile, the NEST Soldiers plan an attack to defeat the remaining Decepticons. They use snipers to take out the eyes, and they do so. Optimus is freed of the cranes and flys in, chopping and blasting multiple Decepticons, while a NEST soldier gets his parachute stuck on Shockwaves head, the soldier falls, but lives. Optimus rushes in, and uses his brass-knuckles to rip out Shockwaves eye, killing him. He then points Shockwave's gun at the Control Pillar, and fires. The pillar is hit, but it can still be activated. Sentinel climbs down from the building to fight NEST and the Autobots.

Meanwhile, Carly finds Megatron, fallen from the building, where he is happy to see Cybertron again. Carly starts talking to Megatron, who almost kills her. But she tells Megatron that Sentinel is only using him as a slave and he isn't in charge of his army, and leader of the Decepticons. Megatron begins to slash at Carly, but then, he realizes, that she was right. Carly then leaves to find the others.

Sentinel calls out that they needed to re-activate the control pillar. Dylan hears this, and rushes to activate it. Sam fights him, but Dylan kicks him down. Dylan successfully reactivates the Pillar, bringing Cybertron closer to earth. Sam then grabs Dylan and throws him into the Pillar, Electrocuting Dylan, and killing him.

The Autobots fight Sentinel, but he is far too defensive, protecting himself from all of them. luckily, Hardcore Eddie fires his only RPG at Sentinel, (which was supposed to be used on the pillar earlier, but was never used due to Driller). Sentinel collapses, which gives Optimus just enough time to fight Sentinel. Bumblebee then runs into the pillar and splits it in two, sending Cybertron back to its solar system, and sucking up all the remaining Decepticon ships on earth. Optimus, still fighting Sentinel, gets his arm cut off by Sentinel, who is about to stab Optimus, who is luckily stopped by Megatron, who shoots Sentinel repeatedly, then rips off his head pieces,ordering that he is the true leader of the Decepticons. Optimus stands up, while Megatron says "where would you be without me"? Optimus answers by killing Megatron, and cutting off his head with his axe. Even though Megatron saved his life, Optimus knew Megatron will stop at nothing to get control of the Earth.

Sentinel tries to explain to Optimus that he had to betray in order to save Cybertron. Optimus corrects him, and says he only betrayed himself, until blasting Sentinels head off, killing Sentinel Prime.

Age of Extinction

The "Chicago Incident" is what primarily caused humans to believe that all Cybertronians are dangerous, Autobot or not.

A group of teenagers find a crashed Medium Fighter and attempt to pull it out of a hole with their pickup, but it proves too heavy. The leader of the group talks about its statistics, and stating that he will sell it for $70,000, (which is an EXTREMELY LOW price for an alien ship), while Cemetery Wind explains that there are actually several crashed Cybertronian ships all over the world, proving that there were some surviving Decepticons left, along with there ships. But it is also possible that the pilots were killed, either by Autobots or Cemetery Wind.

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