This article is about the 2007 online game. For the second season of Beast Machines, see Battle for the Spark.

B4ta zonemap

The red zones mark Decepticon territory!

Battle for the Allspark is an online game set in the expanded continuity of the 2007 Transformers movie. In it, the Autobot/Decepticon conflict has broken out worldwide, and hundreds of players engage in 1-on-1 battles in 20 world zones. These zones are designated as 'Autobot' or 'Decepticon' controlled, depending on each faction's win ratio. Tallied cumulatively, this system will determine which side wins the larger "war".

As of May 7, ~25,000 people had registered and fought ~100,000 battles.
As of June 2, ~65,000 people had registered and fought ~350,000 battles.


Players begin by creating a unique login. They then choose a faction, a player unit, and assign a name to that unit. This account is then connected to that login. From there, players move to a world map which displays the various combat zones. From this screen, players can view how many active units are in each zone, as well as the total win-loss ratio for each zone as well as for the overall game. Once players choose a zone to play in, they move to another screen which shows all the players currently in said zone. From there, players may chat with each other, as well as select a member of the opposing faction to fight. Combat consists of each player choosing one of several attacks (the number of attacks increases as the player's rank increases), each of which drains a certain amount of the player's energy reserves. Once both players have selected an attack, an initiative roll determines who strikes first. At the beginning of each new round, players regain a certain amount of energy, but if a player's energy reserves are insufficient, the player cannot attack. Combat continues until one player's life reserves have been reduced to zero or until one player exits the game.


Bfta soldier Private — 0-19 wins, 3 attacks
Bfta lieutenant Lieutenant — 20-59 wins, 4 attacks
Bfta captain Captain — 60 - 119 wins, 5 attacks
Bfta major Major — 120+ wins, 6 attacks
 ? UnknownBoth Optimus Prime and Megatron appear to be slated to be game characters.


Players can choose among several body types. Though these body types ostensibly belong to one side or the other, the player-characters are generics (possibly drones) that can belong to either affiliation. While they have generally identical body designs, Autobot and Decepticon units have distinct head designs. Autobot-aligned units have a helmet and facemask that vaguely resembles Optimus Prime, while the Decepticon-aligned units have the single-lens design seen in other film-related media.


  • The game's developer, who sometimes plays as a Dreadwing named simply Admin, is particularly proud of the 'balance' of the game, where low-level players can still realistically challenge high-level players because they are ill-equipped to deal with the long 'endurance' matches favored by the low-level attacks.

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