Battle for Earth is a storybook set in Generation One continuity.

With the help of Global Building Corporation, Megatron hold 5 million people hostage.

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-87135-062-9
Writer: Max Z. Baum
Illustrators: Brad Joyce and Roberta Edelman
Pagecount: 39pp

Major characters:

Originally published: by Marvel Books, 1985




  • The book opens with a recap of the Marvel comics backstory, with the asteroid clearing mission and Optimus Prime crashing the Ark into Earth.
  • Immediately after awakening, many of the Autobots and Decepticons spout their various mottos, regardless of how inappropos to the situation.
  • Soundwave is so horrible, that "even the other Decepticons hate him"
  • Devastator is constantly referred to as "the Devastator". What?!

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