Battle Up of Wrath!! is the nineteenth episode of Transformers Victory. It never aired on Japanese television.



Star Saber unleashes his full fighting potential when the Decepticons make a play for the Autobot power source, Schaeffer Energy.


Braver brings Jean and Holi to the Schaeffer Energy plant in America, where they get to watch as a spaceship arrives with a payload of Martian ore, which is then used to create the powerful Schaeffer Energy. Braver excuses himself to attend a conference, so Jean and Holi watch spaceships taking off, wondering where they might be going. When Holi suggests a ship might be on the way to planet Micro, Jean is reminded of their recent trip there, and Star Saber's defeat at the hands of Liokaiser.

At the Shuttle Base, the Autobots review the Decepticons' most recent activities, concluding that their recent expenditure of energy in the Dark Nebula will only cause their energy raids to increase.

Not unexpectedly, the villains are indeed already making plans for a new attack aboard the Thunder Arrow. Leozack proudly gloats about the Breastforce's victory over Star Saber on Micro, but can't catch a break from Deathsaurus, who instead praises Gaihawk for his role in the battle, and then Hellbat, for his discovery of the Schaeffer Energy plant.

Back in the Shuttle Base, Jean has a nightmare in which Liokaiser kills Star Saber and awakes with a start. Distressed, he hops onto his hover disc and goes looking for Star Saber; Blacker directs him outside, where Star Saber is sitting on the beach, staring out over the ocean. Jean begs for Star Saber to win against Liokaiser in their next fight, and Star Saber says that he will not fail again. This peaceful moment between father and son does not get to last very long, though, as news soon arrives that the Breastforce and Dinoforce have attacked the Schaeffer Energy plant. Star Saber, the Brainmasters, the Rescue Team and Jean head out, arriving at the plant as the new day begins. With Jean and the Rescues evacuating civilians, Star Saber keeps the Breastforce busy while the Brainmasters head into the plant to stop the Dinoforce from pillaging its energy storehouse. Unfortunately, the Brainmasters are too late to stop them from clearing out the stockpile, and follow them back outside, emerging just as the Breastforce combine into Liokaiser and engage Star Saber in battle. A blast from Liokaiser sends one of the plant's towers toppling over, but Star Saber leaps into action, holding it up and preventing it from crushing the humans below. With their commander thusly occupied, the Brainmasters combine into Road Caesar to take on Liokaiser in his place until Jean and the Rescues are able to clear all the humans to safety. With this task accomplished, Star Saber allows the tower to fall safely, and joins Road Caesar in the fight against Liokaiser. Holding his sword aloft, Star Saber summons up so much energy that his entire body becomes sheathed in a cone of force, then delivers slash after vicious slash, knocking Liokaiser to the ground. Before the fight can go any further, however, Deathsaurus broadcasts a message from the Thunder Arrow, announcing that they have successfully stolen the Schaeffer Energy and ordering Liokaiser to retreat.

With the Decepticons gone, the Autobots survey the damaged plant, and Road Caesar apologises for allowing the theft to take place. Star Saber brushes it off, saying that while the energy may have been stolen, the fact that they were able to save lives is much more important.


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Continuity errors

  • Braver specifically describes the ship that he, Jean and Holi watch arrive as having returned from Mars. Presumably, he didn't get the memo that the planet got blown up back during The Headmasters, but he's not the only one, since this was also overlooked in "A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid".
  • When Hellbat hypnotises the staff at the Schaeffer Energy plant, his normal chant ("Hypnotism, Sleep, Hibernation! Hellbat!") is inexplicably cut down to "Hypnotism, Sleep, Hellbat!"

Transformers references

  • Star Saber was defeated by Liokaiser in "Unite! Liokaiser".
  • The Decepticons used up their energy stockpile on Deathsaurus's fortress in the Dark Nebula in the "previous episode".

Real world references

  • In the first minute of the episode, as Jean, Holi and Braver travel along a moving walkway inside the Schaeffer Energy plant, C-3PO and R2-D2 of Star Wars fame pass by them in the opposite direction.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • According to "Transformers Generations", this episode didn't actually air on Japanese television. Quite why it didn't is a bit of a mystery.
  • The slightly odd-sounding title of this episode refers to Star Saber's activation code for his super mode: "Battle Up!" Japanese fiction has a strange habit of using these English phrases as verbs, often leading to strange-sounding English translations (for example, "Ginrai: God On of Rage!!", or lines like "Before he was able to Head On again..." or "Ginrai God Onned it...").


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